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Having other people promote your book for you is not enough!  You still need self-promotion. This means promoting on your website, social networks and other websites. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to use Squibble.  But rather than my boring you with my experience, watch this video and you’ll see the beauty of this inexpensive and innovative means of promoting your Kindle, paperback books and digital books.  I’ve been selling digital ebooks since 1999 and It’s a great way to share your message. 


Technically Up-To-Date

The software is easy to use without the challenges of poorly developed  software and a complicated structure. 

It Loads Quickly

Create ebooks without software freezes or lock-ups. Easily create pdf and many other important digital files you need.

The Most Stable Platform

Expect stability rather than technical problems that cause delays. Choose your template and complete your book.


One Of The Top Strategies For Promoting Your Book...

eBook promotion is an important asset to your promotion list. It’s easy and essential.

  • Another Income Stream
  • Viral Sales
  • Get Your Brand Known

Now You Can Instantly Create Stunning eBooks, Reports and Whitepapers In 3 SIMPLE STEPS...

Don't Waste Time!

Follow 3 easy steps to create unique and beautiful ebooks that you can sell or use to advertise other books.

  • Choose a template or work from scratch
  • Write your own or use instant content to your book
  • Customize and Publish


Write short or long ebooks that have a subject similar to your book or books. 


Plan to use them for either ordering funnels or to give away free for a viral affect, 


Develop your ebooks with the Squibble software and publish them in the format you need. 

Quick Launch

Launch your ebooks on your website, Social networds and online bookstores.

Platform Features

Make beautiful ebooks from templates or make your own designs using the images from the extensive royalty free image library.  Next, create 3-D covers to display them for sale. If you don’t have a website, sell your book on the site’s store to help get your book more exposure on social networks and more.  I’ve been selling digital ebooks since 1999 and I’ve found Squibble to be the best solution for production. 

Self-Book Promotion Made Easy

(Including saving you time and hundreds of dollars in the process)


  • Write with ease
  • Choose your title and writing method
  • Complete your book and create your file


  • Choose your Template
  • Use the color scheme or change it if you like
  • Add images from the image library or upload


  • Pick a writing mode
  • Easily place your text and images on a page
  • Easily create your ebooks look and feel


Legendary Support

The Squibble platform offers the customer service you deserve!  From my experience there are very few problems, but if you might have one, they’re on it!  No waiting or irritating answers that don’t satisfy your problems or answer your questions.  They’re a company that’s been online for many years because of their commitment to service.  Customers are number one for them and I’ve never been disappointed with their products.  -Margaret Lukasik