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The Clouds Of Heaven Blog
The Clouds Of Heaven Blog

I want to share a special blog, “The Clouds Of Heaven.” It’s a great site that shares God’s Word in a way that will get it quickly into your heart for greater faith.  It’s a unique site and the author, Francis Andrews, is a unique Christian writer.

He recently wrote a book titled appropriately, “The Clouds of Heaven.” It’s a beautiful compilation of scripture put together in a way that immerses a person into the peace of Jesus Christ for prayer, faith or whatever they need.  This is part of the author’s unique talent for writing.

If you want to learn more about Francis and his book, visit his site. I’m sure you’ll love reading his regular posts which not only build faith but they keep the reader immersed in the Word to learn more about Jesus and how we can live a Godly life based upon the Word.

Meditating upon God’s Word is so important, especially when one needs healing in order to remain close to the truth of God’s Word which is medicine to our flesh.   I highly recommend “The Clouds Of Heaven” because it brings the peace of God.

Francis has a gift for placing scripture together in a way that makes God’s Word come alive as you read and meditate upon it for a feeling of great peace and joy which is the atmosphere we need when waiting for the manifestation of healing.


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Go here to read regular blog posts written by Francis. I’ve also featured Francis on my site. I invite you to learn what I had to say about his book through my written review and my video review. Go here for the video page.