Christians America Needs Your Vote
Cast Your Vote On November 6th!

Christians America Needs Your Vote!


We’re getting close to voting time here in America.  Our choices at the voting polls will affect not just our country, but the world. We need to vote Republican to keep the United States Constitution alive!  According to Ted Cruz, in the last election 54 million evangelical Christians didn’t vote.  Just think how that number can work to keep America free for all and turn it back into a land for the people and by the people!   

I’m not sure if many Christians understand that they’re on the precipice of losing their God-given right to enjoy the freedom of worshiping our Lord and Savior.  I’ve talked to Christian friends I’ve had since childhood about what we could lose by favoring the democratic vote, and they don’t seem phased by it.

Some of my friends desire the democratic party to take over Congress and the Senate.  And they’re not alone! I have to wonder if they just don’t care because they’re in their seventies or they haven’t really made Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior.  I can’t judge, but I do wonder how anyone can be a Christian and not care about the low morality of many of our political leaders who push abortion, violence and lies to get what they want at all costs. And, how can anyone who has lived in a country that offers freedom of thought, speech and freedom of religion be ready to lose these precious rights?

Whatever their reason, it’s alarming to find kind, generous people not care about voting to murder babies, labeling person’s as “gun crazy” for possessing guns for protection while criminals are coming into our country at an alarming rate with an unwritten protection by democratic leadership for the sake of getting more votes.

The crimes of undocumented and criminal immigrants continues to rise not with alarm, but with sympathy that they deserve all the rights and benefits we can give them.  How far can our tax dollars stretch to support criminals when many of our own citizens are forced into the streets because American citizens and their children have been forgotten?

The freedom of thought and speech to talk about these issues is under attack.  To express wise concerns about our Nation, one is labeled as a racist or given other derogatory names meant to discriminate against having a voice and to “hush” the truth.  Now republicans are told that if we voted for Donald Trump we’re no longer welcome in America.  It’s as if these people have already taken hold of American for their own.  This type of behavior warns that democrats will not take kindly to people who are not of the same mind.  It means we will be under their attack!

It appears that America is on the brink of becoming a dictatorship, but praise God it doesn’t have to be that way.  Jesus came to set the captives free!  We have been given liberty in Christ no matter where we reside, but to have the freedom of worship means that it is lawful to share and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  What a privilege!  It is God’s will that the Constitution of the United States remain at the center of our government.  And as we unite for God’s will to be accomplished in America IT WILL!

Luke 4:18 (KJV)

18 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,


Christians America Needs Your Vote and Also Your Prayer Support!

As Christians we need to support America with our prayers for God’s will to be done in Christ Jesus!  The fake news which consistently favors democrat agenda works tirelessly to brainwash the American public daily to believe that evil is good and good is evil, but when Christians are fully grounded in the Word, they can’t be tricked by even the false prophets that are in motion to guilt Christians into voting for evil rather than good.  They want you to question God’s Word by telling you that they’re religious and you can trust what they say, even though they don’t have scripture to back up their message.  And if they do use scripture, they use it out of context.

God’s Word will reveal the truth and empower you to overcome the injustices in America by praying for God to remain at the center of America.  We need leadership that loves America and the people who are a part of this amazing country.  We need leaders who are not looking for self-glory but to glorify God.  PRAISE GOD I BELIEVE FREEDOM WILL PREVAIL IN AMERICA BECAUSE WE HAVE A GOD LARGER THAN THE ENEMY WHO IS BEHIND ALL THE EVIL THAT THREATENS OUR COUNTRY!


Don’t look the other way! Christians America Needs Your Vote!

Christians aren’t religious, they’re followers of Christ Jesus and fully able to overcome whatever attacks come to them by the enemy who has many faces.  Get involved with the Word and as you make this commitment VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6TH 2018 TO KEEP YOUR GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS!

We also need to pray for our enemies to find salvation in Christ Jesus!


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