New Christian Social Commentary Book By Jimmy Bricker, D.Div; PhD




I’ve just completed my book and video review of the new Christian growth book which gives an honest look at the social and political attitudes effecting Christianity and the Bible today. Contemporary Conditions of Hate & Moral Law VS Christians and Holy Scriptures teaches how to use scripture to prepare an offensive narrative against accusations and anti-Christian statements. 

God blesses our stand for His Word and our salvation, so there is no need to fear.  Instead, we can walk in faith knowing that he is protecting us and our endeavors to fight for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The author teaches the authority we have in Him and reinforces it throughout the book.  And with our current President, we see the victory committed effort and prayer brings as he and our vice president work endlessly against daily attacks to defend our constitution and the freedoms it brings such as the right to worship as we please.

 Listening to the news, whether fake or truthful, one can’t hide from the fact that Christianity is under attack!  The author states that churches must learn how to take the offensive against the myriad of lies that claim the Bible supports abortion, infanticide, open borders and the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, among other twisted stories that are based upon taking scripture out of context.

The book teaches that Christians must learn the Word so that they can recognize deceptions specifically targeted at Christians so that they can immediately contradict the lies with relevant scripture and it gives many scripture to help with that objective.  Without taking the offensive,  government becomes empowered to over shadow and destroy the United States Constitution which is based upon Judeo-Christian beliefs. 

America has always been a place where there is freedom of worship and the liberty to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Contemporary Conditions of Hate & Moral Law VS Christians and Holy Scriptures helps Christians work together to insure our right to live the Word of God remains.

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