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Financial increase is a part of God’s Kingdom living blessings. It’s a part of the inheritance that belongs to us because of Jesus Christ’s redemption for all of mankind. We enter kingdom life by centering upon God or by giving Him first place in our lives by faith. When we do this with our money, just as anything else, we will experience financial and material increase.

However, our hearts must first be in the right place with God. We don’t center on God to have money, we do that because we love Him and desire to worship and serve Him through Jesus Christ. This is why we need Christian Transformation to position our hearts in favor of God over our personal desires, including money.

God’s Word has life and as we mix practical applications with scriptural principles, God will make certain that whatever problem we have, we will always experience a positive conclusion to prosper our lives. This is the purpose of the Christian Money Growth Section and Home Study. I hope to help you immerse yourself into the kingdom life that will bring you accelerated results for financial increase and debt relief that will lead to good stewardship and a life without stress over money and debt. 

Looking To Jesus Rather Than The Problem

Even with immense difficulty, including financial, we can enter a place of rest while we achieve success with God as we look to Jesus instead of our problems. We can even do this while we’re new to scripture or as a new Christian. God responds to faith that believes what He says, so even as we’re learning how to trust Him, we receive.  God looks at the heart and how sincere we are not holding our imperfections against us. 

The mistake many Christians make is to wait for God to help them at a time when they might be more knowledgeable of the Word or they feel good enough for God to bless them. But we need to GET INVOLVED with God NOW!

It may seem impossible to you or you might be thinking something like, “but you don’t know what I’m going through with money. You have no idea how this insurmountable debt is killing me!” Or, “I’ve done things that are so bad, God has turned His back on me because of it.” The truth is that YOU ARE THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD because of Jesus! You have forgiveness of sins which automatically brings restoration with God when you ask and receive by faith, and repent.

Learn How to Partner With God

I do know what it’s like to suffer from debt and a lack of money.  When I first looked to God to help our family, nothing happened and things only got worse until I began to make a serious study that lasted for months. I prayed, studied, obeyed the Word and changed my attitude about money. I eliminated all teachings and messages that taught prosperity only or that centered upon money because I wanted to be a partner with God not a conspirator against Him by desiring money for the sake of having more to buy what I wanted.

Once I connected all the dots for using scripture and acting upon it while I learned to rest in Christ, we began to see change within the first month of my “illumination” concerning Christian Money Growth.  Before that time my husband and I suffered from much stress because of money.

Stress makes us susceptible to illness and I recall feeling very stressed and anxious because of money.  It took away from the joy of family because I was always thinking about rather than looking to God as our provider.  Once we looked to scripture for the answers to our money problems, we both felt at peace and still do to this day.

What I learned has made it easier for others to find their way with God financially as well.  This section reflects what I’ve learned with helpful articles and short studies to give you guidance, tips and practical information (Mark 11:24).  – Margaret Lukasik 


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