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Christian Transformation Is The Only Path To Successful Life Purpose.
And It Must Be Taught The Correct Way Through Scripture.

Follow the Christian life purpose steps below to begin:

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1. Commit To God's Will and Plan

Commit to God’s will (the Bible) and His plan for your life to begin the path to connecting with God for your purpose. 

Relax and Be At Peace

2. Identify Your Unique Gifts and Talents

God has equipped you with the gifts and talents you need to work His plan. You may already be using them or you may need to learn what they are and develop them. Take this time to learn each.

3. Discover and Fulfill Your Destiny

With the knowledge and working experience of transformation, you’re ready to learn and fulfill your purpose. 

4. Expand Your Prayer Skills

Connect with God to learn your calling and pray effectively for your life, others and for service to God. Learn all forms of prayer. 

5. Work With The Holy Spirit

Living your Godly life purpose can only be accomplished by working with the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Get to Know Him. 

Learn about the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, their functions and their importance to your life and life purpose. 

Christian Growth and Life Purpose Articles

Every Christian has a purpose that God has placed in their hearts.  If you’re not living God’s plan for your life, this site is for you. You can begin with God today. I’ve written articles based on scripture that will help you understand why you’re special and why you need to look to God for a lifetime of great fulfillment.  Many blessings, Margaret

Meditate on the Word

Psalm 1-3 promises that when Christians meditate on the Word, their way will be made successful and prosperous. Read More

Christians Need Training

Without learning how to live successfully in Christ, it’s not possible to follow God through the life purpose process. Read More

Prayer Of Agreement

This prayer is a must for all Christians to pray with others when faith is weak for themselves and for others through their purpose. Read More

God’s Plan For Your Life

God has a special plan for your life. Without learning what it is and how to develop it, it may never be realized within you.  Read More

Serve God Online

We can all make time for God. We just need to prioritize our lives. As we do, God will give us more time to accomplish great things. Read More

Waiting Upon God

Waiting upon God for His plan. it’s development and fufillment is a perpetuat process that leaves us dependant upon God.  Read More

Don’t Miss Out On God’s Will

If we want to honor God with the integrity of His Word which tells us to live His will and purpose for our lives, then we are obligated to live it. More

Our Greatest Fulfillment

If you’re afraid that God’s will for your life will take you down a path you won’t like or that will greatly disrupt your life, think again!  Read More

Life Purpose Steps

When it comes to living our life purpose, it can seem as if it’s taking too long or that we’ve made a mistake. Don’t be In a hurry.  Read More

God’s Purpose Scripture

God’s Purpose Scripture:  Scripture to help us obey and honor God by living His will daily and to live our most fulfilled lives in Christ. Read More

Basic Life Purpose Steps

One of the most asked questions by Christians is how can they discover God’s will for their lives. Learn the 5 steps to begin with God. Read More


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