The Christian Heritage By Floyd Bland Offers Answers To The Challenges New Christian Face


The Christian Heritage by Floyd BlandI’ve just reviewed the book The Christian Heritage – God’s Answers for a Searching World by Pastor Floyd Bland. I loved the book because it leads the reader on a journey of Christian growth  with teaching so subtle you don’t realize from chapter to chapter that you’re actually growing in the Word!  The book is very well organized to help especially new Christians who need a means of easily navigating through the Bible.

Even though new Christians will greatly benefit from reading this dynamic Christian growth book, I recommend it for all Christians because the author’s writing causes the reader to identify those weak areas of their hearts that need to grow in Christ Jesus. There is also much information regarding Christian leadership that I feel is helpful to Christians in church positions to better understand their responsibility to God for the church and community.


New Christians Develop A Godly Lifestyle

New Christians suffer through many problems without the help of experienced Christian leadership to guide them.  If you’re new to the Word because you just received salvation or you’ve decided to develop a deeper relationship with God and you feel alone, The Christian Heritage is for you!  

Floyd Bland writes as if his book is just for the person reading it.  Truly, you’ll feel as if he wrote his book specifically for you with answers to questions you have about the Bible or living the Word for day to day situations.  

If your faith is weak, you’ll learn how to strengthen it in Christ as you learn to develop a Godly lifestyle and discover your purpose.


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