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Jesus Is Still Healing Today. Whether, spiritual, mental, body or soul, you can expect healing. Christian healing continues by faith in Christ Jesus. 

The following articles and short studies will help you understand Christ’s redemptive work on the cross which includes healing as a part of salvation. Sit back and relax with your Bible and learn about Christ’s atonement for your well-being.

Victory Through Christ

No Matter Who You Are - Healing Belongs To You!

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Christian Healing Is For You!

If you’re not sure God will heal you in Christ Jesus, you need to study the Word to learn that scriptural healing is one of your redemptive rights and benefits of salvation. 

2 Timothy 2:15 “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth.”

Let the Word guide your life for healing and well-being!  I never write about what I haven’t experienced.  Learn about my major experiences receiving healing using God’s Word by clicking on the following link: my healing experience. 

Christian Healing
Take Your Part Of Christ's Cross

Christian Healing Faith Messages

Enjoy Eating!

Weight Loss

Put God at the center of your eating!

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The 7-Day Christian Challenge

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Christian Healing Prayer List and Study

Healing Prayer List and Teaching!

Use the following links to get on our healing prayer list and to read scripture that pertains to your situation. Click here for prayer  |  How to get on our prayer list   |  Divine Healing Scripture  |  My favorite healing scripture

Overcome Defeat
Study The Word!

Healing Resource

Master Training For Healing and Living Victoriously.  Receive the training you need to receive healing and grow in Christ at the same time.  You’ll build a strong foundation of Jesus Christ as you learn to keep in step with the Holy Spirit.  You’ll attain the confidence you need to expect God to accomplish the truth of His Word in your life for what you need.   I’ll be in the training area if you should need to pray or ask questions.  Learn more about the training experience which will become an active part of your everyday life.  7-Day Christian Growth Master Training  

Believe That You Are Saved

It’s difficult to believe God will answer your prayers if you’re not sure that you’re saved.  Read this short lesson to be assured of your salvation. 5 Steps To Know That You Are Saved.  


Christian Healing Faith Messages

Weigh Loss For Good Health!

Christian Healing For Weight Loss

Use these tips to help you better understand scripture for weight loss.  Health Tips.

Sometimes it can help to have a common goal with others when we find something difficult we need to accomplish.  Click here.

Knowing the difference between willpower and faith opens the door to enjoying food while you lose weight without going back to the problems that caused your  weight gain. Click Here.

Christian Healing For Abuse & Miscellaneous

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