I Want To Pray With You, Not Just For You!

I Wan’t To Insure That You Receive Answered Prayer For Healing 

My Prayer List For Healing

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If you need prayer for healing, I’m not going to pray for you, we’re going to pray together! Use my simple instructions that teach how to pray in agreement with anyone so that you can join your faith with mine for your healing in Christ Jesus. 

It’s your right to walk in perfect health, well-being, free of addictions, depression, poverty or anything that keeps you from living in divine health.  Maybe you’re depressed or you can’t get past wounds of the soul, or a bad family dynamic. Use the following form to submit your prayer and get on my prayer list. Go here to learn the Prayer of Agreement.  Help me to help you by learning this prayer so that we can accurately pray about you!  No matter what healing you need, God will heal you, but we need to follow correct prayer principles!



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Praying With Others To Get Results

Why should you pray with the people who pray for you rather than just getting on a healing prayer list and leaving it at that?  This is what many Christians do.  However, if you’re weak in faith, you have the choice to join your faith with the faith of others.   

However, your combined faith with others, creates a greater faith to receive from God.  I want you to have that advantage so I’ve included the instructions for the prayer of agreement for you to use so that I can pray with you and we can both be in agreement.  You can have others join with us as well.  Go to my online prayer room to begin now if you already know how to pray in agreement with others.  Sign up is easy. 

It’s also important to be assured that God desires for you to receive healing from the Word. God is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who heals you. The first compound name that the Lord revealed to the Israelites after they came out of Egypt was Jehovah Rapha. I find it beautiful that He was telling His people that He was their healer for any illnesses, diseases or pains they might suffer when they were in bondage in Egypt. When He brought them out of Egypt, “there was none feeble among His tribes” (Psalm 105:37). God still heals His people today through His Son Jesus Christ. So if you’re a believer, then you are healed in Jesus’ Name!


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