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The Seed Of Recreation Bible Study

God’s Words Are Life!

11 Timothy 2:15  “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth.”

Let the Word guide your life for success in all that you do.  It will bring you all of God’s blessings and light the path to where you should go.


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Recovery and Restoration

The study, by Margaret Lukasik is based upon the scriptures and principles she used to overcome an abusive past to achieve her goals and live a successful life.  It will help you achieve God’s transformation and restoration in your life if you have been suffering from past abuse, a negative past or low self-esteem.

Recreate your life through Jesus Christ as you go through this study which has changed my life and has also helped me to live in the present.

For permanent change, turn to Jesus Christ and you will find your way. Many people try to change their lives through”positive thinking” and “suppression,” but they only have a temporary affect at best.

This study is also for anyone who feels stuck in a life they can’t seem to escape.  However, once you learn about the seed principle and the two dimensions in which it resides, the spiritual and the physical, you will understand why you’ve been stuck in your past, and how you can be set free.

Why Should You Sign-up For The Seed Of Recreation Bible Study?

I put much time and study into each lesson.  Therefore I feel it best to make this study available only to those who are willing to make some commitment to my site and the study.

Another important reason for use of the sign-up is to learn which studies are most read and are of significance to my member’s needs.  If a study isn’t getting much attention I may need to better clarify it’s importance or rewrite the material as all of my studies are important to Christian growth.


The Seed Of Recreation Bible Study Specifically Covers:

  1. Recovery from difficult past experiences that have held you back from achieving your goals
  2. Living as a non-believer for a good part of your life and having trouble transitioning to the Christian lifestyle.


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