My Healing Experiences

My Life Is Proof That God Is Still Healing Today



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My Healing Experiences
My Healing Experience

My Healing Experiences

I’ve been acting upon God’s Word for healing and other blessings for over 30 years. When I was told in my childhood church that the Bible is not for us today and that blessings such as divine healing are “evil” I knew I had to leave. I needed healing, but I didn’t understand on my own how to receive.

I thought I needed someone to lay hands on me, so I began my quest for a church that would lead me to God’s truth about healing and renewal of life because I was in much pain emotionally. I wanted to be free and I wanted to get rid of my childhood asthma and stuttering that I believe was caused by childhood abuse.

3 John 1:2  “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”



The Progression Of My Healing Experiences

I hated myself when I was new to faith so I didn’t see myself as worthy at first to receive anything from God. But as I read stories in the New Testament about Jesus healing people such as the blind man who asked Jesus to have mercy on him I began to see God’s love and myself worthy in Christ to receive anything.

I needed God’s mercy and I needed to believe it for healing because I had a child and I wasn’t my best for her. I was recently divorced from a man who was relentless about causing problems and I had many abusive relatives who were determined to keep me from having the peace and joy of life I desired to achieve.

I’m not going into specifics about what caused my emotional problems here. I’ll just say that because of my childhood, I had an abused personality that caused me to believe the worst about myself and that gave me a “victim reality.” When someone has this problem, they attract people looking for someone to abuse. There are many people who have this same problem but they don’t realize it for some time or they may never realize it.

I had little hope of changing my life on my own. God was my only hope. However, what I didn’t understand at the time was that the people who had caused my problems should not have continued to be present in my life. I wanted to be a good Christian so I allowed them in my life because of the continued pressure and guilt they put on me not to turn away from family.  This doesn’t make sense, but abused people can believe that they’re wrong to hurt the feelings of those who hurt them.

Eventually I learned the importance of leaving behind the people who kept me in bondage to having an abused personality.  I forgave them and prayed for them to be delivered through Jesus Christ and loved them from a distance.  Once I did this I began to flourish. I was able to grow in Christ, I discovered talents I didn’t know I had, I began to have clearer thinking and I was healed of asthma and my stuttering problem. These successes came progressively because I didn’t just understand my circumstances over night. I had to remain close to God in prayer and the Word. Overtime my reality became God’s reality that I was a success. God looked at me not as my family did, but through His Son Jesus Christ.

Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ I had assurance that I could be healed of anything and I had the proof of that spiritual fact with my life. I have gone through most of my life in perfect health except during periods where I wasn’t eating properly. The two most serious health issues I didn’t cause and that I was healed by God from were the beginning stages of cancer and arthritis of my left hand. I was healed by both through prayer and confessing God’s Word.

I shared divine healing with my children and husband over the years and as a family we have many great healing stories that have proved God’s love, forgiveness and compassion.

-Margaret Lukasik


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