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Mental and Emotional Healing

Mental and Emotional Healing


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Rather than waiting through years of therapy for mental healing to occur from the affects of childhood abuse, God’s Word can bring healing in as long or as little a time as you put into your recovery through God’s Word!  It goes without saying that the medical profession should have a part to play in your healing if you have severe depression, you’re bipolar or you have an emotional condition that has completely overtaken you.  Get help from your doctor and use prayer and scripture along with your treatment.  Trust by faith that God will work through your doctor and any medication to heal you permanently in spite of what your doctor or others may tell you.

Do what your doctor instructs, but don’t believe them when they make statements that you’ll never fully recover or you’ll have to take medication for the rest of your life.  As I said, work with your doctor, but never let their words discourage God’s Words from your heart that you are healed.  Let no man or woman discourage you from the truth of God’s Word.  Now this doesn’t mean to argue with your doctor and begin preaching to him or her.  That won’t be helpful to your treatment.   If you trust your doctor be cooperative, but remain strong in looking at Jesus Christ as your ultimate physician who has already healed you once you ask.  Then go about receiving the manifestation of that healing in the most intelligent and peaceful way you can.

I’ve created a little chart to help you live your daily life in balance to create a state of well-being and peace to receive mental and emotional healing. 


Mental and Emotional Healing

-Utilize The Circle Of Mental Health-

According to the Biblical principle found in Romans 12:2 we’re admonished to transform our minds in order to eradicate the the negative thoughts and patterns that were developed in us throughout our lives.  This is exciting news that no matter what harm was done to us as children, we can overcome it.

Below is what I call the “circle of mental health.” As we commit to each area with positive thoughts, speaking (affirmations) and actions, we can create a new reality and well-rounded lifestyle for daily success and well-being.

The idea of the division within the circle is to show the balance we must have for good mental health. Please examine it carefully and see what areas you need to give attention in order to understand yourself and your personal situation better.  Use the short lessons for spiritual growth for scriptural healing along with any medical or psychological help you may be receiving. 



For clarity I will cover each part of the circle.

Spiritual: You are free to believe in God or not. We all have a free will to choose what we want or don’t want. However, those who believe in a power greater than themselves find a deeper meaning to life and realize a more powerful existence.

I am a practicing Christian and can’t imagine life any other way, but I never force my beliefs on anyone. One must believe in God with all their heart, soul and mind, not because they want to please someone. This allows for a true spiritual experience daily.

Exercise: No matter what age, from childhood to elderly, our bodies need movement through exercise. However, for those who are in the process of overcoming depression, melancholy, anger or bitterness, taking this action is a must.

Exercise causes the release of endorphins, which are powerful hormone like substances produced in the brain that function as the body’s own natural pain-killers. They cause a natural feeling of well-being and euphoria which will help to overcome negative emotions and stress.

Besides the benefit of endorphins there is the general feeling of being fit and looking one’s best.

Good Health: Good eating habits can make a huge difference in the way a person feels about their life. And when one is in poor health, life is not lived to the fullest.

If a person is depressed or going through the natural changes of life, specific foods need to be avoided or added to the diet. In any case a well-balanced diet is a must for good health, as well as mental healing, and regular dieting should be avoided. Eating in moderation should keep a normally healthy person’s weight in control. 

For health problems stick with what your doctor has prescribed for your situation.  You can use faith in God to work through your doctor for healing. 

Giving:  Another Biblical principle found in Luke 6:38 states that as we give we will receive. So giving in all forms must be a part of our lives. Giving comes in many packages as well as giving money. 

You can give your love, compassion, assistance to those in need, share your time, etc. This law will encompass your life as you keep a giving attitude over thinking about others over yourself. Many blessings will come to you as a result, especially peace of mind and heart. 

Socialize: We all need friends or at least a small circle of friends to interact with on a regular basis. This can be difficult for adults who have been abused as children, but the more they practice getting along with others and enjoying their company, the better they will feel about themselves. 

Career: Most people need to work, so it’s important to choose a career that expresses your best talents. If you don’t have one at present, you can always work up to it by making a plan on how to accomplish what you need. This will greatly contribute to mental healing from past child abuse. 

If you don’t need to work, you will need a means of keeping busy. Inactivity causes a person’s mind to atrophy and self-esteem to decline. Get involved in some type of service or hobby. 

Hobby: While having a hobby isn’t necessary, it’s a great means of enjoyment and making yourself happy. This area of life needs to be kept in balance as it can easily take up too much of a person’s time. 

Family: We should love our immediate families and make the time to be with them daily. As we give sincere love to our children and spouses, they will return our love back for productive and healthy relationships. They should come before our friends and other family members, even though we need to spend time with them as well. 

You should allow your immediate family to help you, but don’t take them for granted. It is difficult for family or anyone to help someone who is depressed. So it is important to always be thankful for family and treat them with respect, kindness and love. 

This does not extend to persons or family members who were your past abusers or who do not respect you. You can forgive and love them, but you must be separated from them in order for mental and emotional healing to take place and to keep balance after recovery.





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