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Author Of Healing Cancer God's Way.
Jacquie Woodward Author “Slam The Door On Cancer.”

Jacquie Woodward’s book, “Slam The Door On Cancer – and lock it out of your life,” is a good resource about standing on the word of God for healing.  This is something we can all do, but when faced with a terminal illness it can be difficult if one hasn’t payed much attention to God or the Word.  This was Jacquie’s situation but she overcame disease and is now helping others do the same.

All of Jacquie’s information remains centered upon the theme of her book which is not about her but based upon the fact that she was healed of cancer by combining science and scripture. She has much to say and teach on the subject.

Not only does Jacquie Woodward discuss the spiritual side of healing according to God’s Word, she has the information you need about the part we play in keeping our bodies, minds and souls healthy. She also shares the science part of healing and blends it with scripture.  Jacquie gives a well-rounded teaching about healing from cancer with the added bonus of including science which shows what cancer is, how it affects the body and how good eating and living can turn around the process along with scripture from the Bible.



Jacquie Woodward Resources
Jacquie Woodward Resources.

Jacquie Woodward’s Book “Slam The Door On Cancer – and lock it out of your life.”  

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