Biblical Healing From Grief Depression Parts I and II

Look To God as well as Your Doctor If You Need Healing From Grief Depression


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Healing From Grief Depression
Healing From Grief Depression.

Losing someone we love or experiencing a dramatic change in life is never easy. It can take time and the love and understanding from those we care about to help us through the grieving process.

But even in the midst of a supportive family and friends, healing can be difficult. And if a person’s circumstances get the better of them, a general depression can occur. Worse regular depression can escalate into clinical depression.

How or if we decide to treat grieving and it’s symptoms will determine whether one heals or continues to deteriorate emotionally. In this event the mind can influence the normal patterns of life, negatively altering behavior and a general well-being.

If a person suffering from grief or any depression doesn’t take positive steps to heal, sickness, disease and other mental issues can occur.  So the worse thing we can do in the case of any depression that lingers is to do nothing.  However, in the worst of times emotionally, it can be difficult for some to take charge of their lives. This is where a need to lean upon God and others is important for encouragement to heal. God heals the wounds of the soul as well as the body, so I’ll be including information in Part II of Healing From Grief Depression for scriptural healing, but first I’ll cover the importance of seeking medical help.

Seeking Medical Help For Healing

I fully believe that God should be brought into every situation we face in our lives where we need guidance and help, especially when it comes to physical and mental healing. The degree in which we receive from God depends upon our knowledge and experience with scripture and our relationship with Him. While it can be difficult including God in the healing process should begin immediately beginning with finding the best medical care for your situation.

While some might only need to seek a doctor’s help for knowledge of what is happening to their well-being, others may need to seek treatment and receive medication. Whatever measure is needed for the medical profession, it’s important to keep God at the center of your problem, your day and your life.

A medical doctor can be consulted for both the mind and the body, but depression counseling may be prescribed. If you already have a history of depression, you probably already have doctors and or counselors who know your history. It’s wise to seek their help if they have proven to help you in the past. It’s important to find doctors and counselors who have a human or caring approach to your needs and who will communicate with you and any friends or family members you wish to be a part of your healing program. Whatever help you seek, it can be most helpful to find believers in the Word who will encourage you spiritually as well. This is especially true for counseling.

Medication Used For Healing From Grief Depression

Once under a doctor’s care, a seriously grieved or depressed person is usually prescribed medication. This can be helpful short-term, but there are risks. Certain types of medication can cause a person to have dramatic mood swings and health problems. They can also be mind altering. It’s important to find a doctor who understands the medications being prescribed, the dosage amounts and the time span of use. This is why it’s important to have a doctor who communicates with you and listens to how you feel.

Prescribed medication can have devastating effects should the dosage be incorrectly prescribed or when a person chooses to self-medicate. My husband and I learned that a woman we had known from business affiliations went from no medication to over medicating with the result of acting out brutally to an innocent person. Her problem was also the result of her using other medications and lifestyle practices which caused her to lose control of her mind, even though she was seeing a doctor and a counselor for her problem. She is now in prison for life. What I’m saying is that personal responsibility is also needed when taking prescribed medications.

Doctors can’t be responsible for the irresponsibility of their patients if they’ve informed them of all the risks and things not to do when taking specific medications. Patients need to know all the facts about any drug their doctor is prescribing, and they need to proceed cautiously under a reputable doctor’s care along with God’s guidance. For some people and conditions of depression, it may be difficult to build faith and trust in God for healing because of how the mind can distance an individual from reality. But with medication they may have a better opportunity to learn and practice the Word for healing through their doctor’s care and responsibly taking medication.

While a Christian can be criticized for taking medication, it’s important to look to God and not the persons who offer advice without understanding what you’re going through and feeling. I was one of those caring but critical of medication persons years ago until I learned from a close relative that sometimes relief is needed so that one can continue in the day-to-day responsibilities and have the peace of mind to study the scriptures to grow in Christ. Rather than judging persons or their treatment who are going through depression, we need to support them by praying for them and with them. We need to be there for them. This is what I learned and as a result I saw my family member become one of the strongest Christians I know.

Many times depression is already looming over a person because they don’t know God or have a relationship with Him. If grief sets in because of any circumstance it can cause a dark existence, leaving a person feeling isolated and very lonely in life. Taking medication in this case, especially, can help such a person be calm to learn about Jesus Christ our redeemer.


Healing From Grief Depression Part II

Before you look for the best doctors to help you, if suffering from any type of grief, seek God to lead and guide you. You’ll have peace of mind in the midst of what might seem like endless turmoil to feel that God is with you and helping you to get the best help for healing. Pray for God to lead you to the best doctor or doctors, ask Him to provide for money you might need for expenses and ask Him to work through your doctors to give you the best treatment to heal you. If you should feel suicidal, don’t hold back sharing that information with your doctor and family.

Whether you feel like it or not, thank God day and night for healing you and for loving you. Confess the Word daily in areas where you’re weak. This is an important part of your healing. We need to transform our lives with God’s Word according to Romans 12:2. God’s Word is medicine to the flesh. It tells us that Jesus loves us and is always ready to take us in His arms and give us whatever we need.  In time you’ll begin to feel joy and rest as you trust God by faith.  You have a Heavenly Father Who sacrificed His Son for you so that you can live abundantly. He understands your pain and difficulties and He desires to bring healing to your spirit, soul, mind and body.

Look to Jesus right now.  He is of the “light” that will lead you to healing.  There is no darkness in Him.  Look to Him for illumination for moving out of your depression and He will guide you. We need to listen to Him and allow Him to guide us by the Holy Spirit to the best source of help and healing.  God has already blessed you with healing, but if you feel separated from everything and everyone, He will fill your life with all the resources you need.

If you don’t have a church, pray for God to direct you to a church which will give you love and prayer. They may even offer the facilities for counseling where they will guide you with prayer and scripture for healing. Sometimes a church family makes all the difference when a person with depression has little or no friends and family.

A church family can also help you realize that no matter how devastating you feel about losing someone or something important to you, your life in the scheme of God’s plans is larger than what you could think or imagine or what you’re feeling at the moment. God will help you heal and make what happened in your life a force of becoming stronger and greater for Him and making your life a means of blessing others as well as your being blessed too. But most important, God sees your pain and has mercy for you and compassion. He doesn’t want you to suffer no matter who you are, what you’ve done or where you’re from.

More About Grief Depression and Treatment

If you feel that your treatment isn’t working for whatever reason, you should evaluate your doctor’s care. Perhaps you need to pray with someone to help you find another doctor or a different treatment. And when it comes to medication your goal should only be for as long as it takes to get a clean bill of health from your doctor once you’re healed. You never want to become dependent upon medication as you can become addicted with sometimes devastating results as I’ve mentioned.

If you do find yourself in need of another doctor, trust God for the best doctor for your situation to help you heal. I’ve helped family members work with God and doctors to receive healing and with God’s Word their progress was rapid. If you’re already strong in the Word, you also have the choice to use God’s Word alone, but I highly suggest a few visits to a trusted doctor to insure that you’re making good progress.


Dear Heavenly Father, According to 1 Peter 2:24 we have healing because of Jesus’ work on the cross. I give the burden of my illness to Jesus Christ and I am now free of it. I now ask you to heal me of (your problem)————– and everything associate with it in Jesus’ Name. I believe that I have received according to your Word. I am healed! I thank you and praise you Heavenly Father. In Jesus’ Name I pray, AMEN!

Trust God for your healing. You received the moment you asked.

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