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Healing From Depression
Healing From Depression

– Let God lift you out of the darkness of depression and into the light of Jesus Christ for well-being and clarity of mind now and forever –

There are many types of emotional distress that affect adults who have been abused as children, so I will try to address the root of each under the categories of general or clinical depression.

There are many areas of sadness we all experience throughout our lives that fall within the category of general depression such as having a sad or melancholy personality, grieving from the loss of a loved one, suffering from a divorce, or feeling like a failure, for instance.

There is also the side of depression which is described as clinical or bipolar. Because I’m not a professional in this area I’m not going to offer solutions for the conditions, only ways to overcome the challenges it may present to a person as well as those persons who are suffering from the ravages of child abuse. What I want to make clear is that scriptural healing can take place just as for physical healing, but it will take work and focus.

While there are medical solutions to control the illness, there are also the dangers of side-effects, over medicating, and causing other medical conditions to the organs or other parts of your body. But by having faith in God, you can trust Him to lead you to the best and safest sources for help while you trust God to heal your mind and emotions which are a part of your soul.

I know from experience the path to healing can be a difficult one without support from loved ones, but family members suffer greatly in the midst of caring for and loving a depressed person. So it’s important for all family members to have an understanding of depression as well.

If you choose to work with God as well as a doctor for scriptural healing from depression that will heal you for the rest of your life, you need to help your family understand that aspect as well.  You also need to be committed to get well because it’s your Biblical right.

Anyone can suffer from depression as it has no boundaries. Each year it effects over 17 million American men and women (from the American Psychiatric Association) alike. While a common condition, it is generally unrecognized and untreated. And each year, the numbers are growing.

Do You Need Healing From Depression?

If you’re not sure you have any form of depression I will give a general description of the most common types. If you can identify in any way, I’ll give a general suggestion of what you can do to not only get relief, but healing.  Persons suffering from early trauma, abuse or domestic violence can have an underlying depression that doesn’t go away and can escalate to serious forms of depression if not treated.



Understand Depression That Is Clinical:

This is a serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Individuals with clinical depression are unable to function as they used to.  This doesn’t mean that scriptural healing is not possible.  It only means that it will take focus and dedication to receive this type of healing.

They may lose interest in activities that once interested them, or they feel sad and hopeless for long periods of time. Their mind races with negative thoughts at times, giving them feelings of fear and doubt. Their reality of a situation can be the opposite of what it actually is, for instance, giving them feelings of paranoia or negativity about their self-worth.

Clinical depression affects the body, moods, thoughts and behavior. It can change your eating habits and dictate how you interact with other people, including your family. People with clinical depression either state that they don’t feel like themselves any longer, or they will say that they have never felt happy or good about life in general.

This form of depression is a serious illness that can last for weeks, months and sometimes years with the danger of causing someone to consider suicide.

FORMS OF HEALING: if you believe you have clinical depression and you have developed little or no faith for Biblical healing, you may consider Steps 1 and 2 below.  Ultimately it’s your choice what help you seek.  I’m not involved in the medical profession.  I’ve only worked with people on medication to help them receive healing from depression with God’s Word while they also visited a doctor.  This is why I’ve included Step 2 to be used with Step 1.

Step 1. Mental health counselors and psychiatrists are trained to diagnose and treat clinical depression. Getting the right treatment most people will enable people seeking help to get better within several months. Depending upon the patient one can feel better within a few weeks.

Step 2. While continuing with your doctor or counselor, you can incorporate affirmations pertaining to your situation that will change negative thinking and heal poor emotional health. Such affirmations should be created to change the particular thinking that is causing fear, despair, doubt and discouragement. If you would like to use this method that worked successfully in my life, visit “The Seed of Recreation Bible Study.”


Understand Depression That Is General:

This form of depression includes feeling sad or depressed for a few days or on and off. It can occur from not knowing how to deal with life on an adult level, experiencing temporary set backs, dealing with manipulative or pushy relatives or friends, having a lack of self-esteem, or having feelings of frustration over a situation.


1. See No. 2 above (for clinical depression). Your attitude and inabilities can be changed over time and it can be done effectively through daily affirmations combined with the “Seed of Recreation Study.”
2. Look in the mirror when you get angry to see what it does to your face. This is how you look to other people and it will wear indelibly on your face over time. This will help you to change the way you deal with anger.
3. Learn how to deal with confrontation if you shy away from sharing important issues with those you care about or work with. Find a way to firmly deliver your feelings in a positive ways.
4. Deal with the areas in your life that bother you as they come up rather than letting them fester within you by doing nothing.
5. Live your dreams. No matter what your age, you were created for a purpose. If you are not fulfilled, you can begin living your dreams today.
6. Do something about credit card debt if your money situation is giving you stress and anxiety. Go to my Financial Growth Index to help you.

Whatever type of depression you have, God will help you overcome your circumstances with a life of peace and joy. Trust God for scriptural healing from depression through Jesus Christ today by combining God’s Word with your doctors care until you’re healed.  However, keep speaking God’s Word and never fear a return of this illness.  You are free to keep your healing by faith. If you begin to fear that you’ve lost your healing. go to Take Back Your Healing.


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