Adult Recovery From Childhood Abuse

Let God’s Word Fix What Should Have Never Been Broken


Adult Recovery From Childhood Abuse
Adult Recovery From Child Abuse

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The Child Abuse Victim Recovery Section is for adults who are presently suffering from a past of child abuse that is now keeping them from moving forward in life. More specific, if you’re suffering from any form of childhood abuse, my goal is to help you lift the cloud of whatever form of depression you may be experiencing to find healing and inner growth. This is because all lasting changes begin from the inside out.

That’s not to say that if you are an abused person without a past of child abuse, my information can’t help you. If you are suffering from abuse in any form, God will provide the healing you need to live a successful life.

I will be uploading helpful Christian guidance information links for healing on this page if you have been unable to find a source of help in your church or local area. I had to find healing on my own as there were no Christian “Word based” programs to help me years ago. I had tried general counseling but I felt abused during the sessions with the counselor yelling at me because at times I would begin crying for no reason. Her attitude made me feel worse so I decided to look to God solely for healing.

God meets the needs of all who seek Him, but it is important to understand and use His wisdom when dealing with abusive people. This section will help you put yourself above your abuser no matter how long you have been brainwashed to believe their life is more important than yours. It is also a means of preparing you to break free from the past to live God’s will for your life which you can’t fully do if you are a broken individual.

Adult Recovery From Childhood Abuse

Become Free and Experience Adult Recovery From Child Abuse

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Years ago I looked to Jesus Christ for healing from adult childhood abuse and along the way I found the answers I needed to change from the Bible. It’s my desire to help others with the same problem or problems caused by any type of abuse realize healing through Jesus Christ much sooner than I did.

It’s exciting to note that once you begin to heal from this insidious condition that leaves one wounded from the soul and stunted in various areas of life, you’ll begin to see the vision of God’s plan for your life. It doesn’t matter how much time you wondered in the wilderness of life, God has great plans, talents and ideas for you to pursue and attain!


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You may also find that the person abusing you today, may be reacting to your past abuse from a parent or family member. Adults who have been abused as children grow up with a “victim mentality” and in some instances can trigger an abusive situation with a person who had never been abusive in their past, but may have witnessed violence as a child.

This does not make their abuse right, but it clarifies where your thinking needs adjustment through the process of transformation according to Romans 12:2 and 10:17. You must severe ties with that person to become “whole,” but with the right changes made within both parties, there is the possibility for healing and reuniting if so desired by both individuals.

God can heal you of the abuse that has kept you from living your best life.  I have articles to help you adjust from the  thinking you learned from childhood abuse to God’s thinking which will lift you up and correct the wrong actions that are keeping you from living a successful life. God will help you all the way to break free to realize adult recovery from childhood abuse.

Whatever means you choose for help, I hope that you include God’s Word and prayer.  Please see below the articles I’ve written that may be helpful to you for healing.


Testimony –

“This is what I have been waiting for all my life! The words are very well planned, and when I read them out loud, I find them working in my life. I always look forward to reading the next article from Victory Thru Christ Ministry. My faith has increased and I have started seeing changes in my life. Thanks so much for such a wonderful word. my life will never be the same in Jesus Name.” God bless you, RK

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