Is It Possible To Actually Experience
Lasting Christian Growth In 7 Days?



Christian Growth In 7 Days

 Christian Growth in 7 Days




Luke 1:37 English Standard Version (ESV)   For nothing will be impossible with God.”

When we work with God consistently, amazing changes occur in our lives that begin from heart and work outward for great changes in all areas of our lives.  

Every Christian is worthy to receive God’s blessing right now because of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross!

Seven days is a very short time.  It’s only a week!  So how can anyone accelerate their Christian growth in 7 days to not only make significant changes in their life, but continue to experience inner growth and personal success for a lifetime? 

It can be done because I’ve done it and others have too!  I’ve put that information in a 7 day course title the 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge. I’ve designed it to help Christians in as little as 7 days to become empowered by the Word of God to draw closer to Him and to receive God’s blessings to be a blessing! 

The course is fun and exciting! It gets Christians through all the pitfalls of looking at God the way they’ve been taught rather than by the Word.  It gives a starting place for dynamic spiritual growth that increases spiritual knowledge, wisdom and a love of God.

This abundant growth leads Christians to personal success over whatever needs they have such as better family relationships, career success, and daily success over the little things in life that can cause stress and hold someone back from experiencing joy and peace.  

Throughout my life I’ve experience much success with God’s Word, but not significantly when it came to overcoming problems that were the result of childhood abuse.  I worked hard to change my reality in specific areas of my life to the reality of God’s Word, but until I discovered the key of the cross I was just walking in circles. 

My studies showed me that there was a specific reason I couldn’t move forward, and once I implemented that one important scriptural element into my daily life, I began to realize change even in the midst of a difficult time.  And I found that it made inner changes very easy compared to the changes I was trying to make on my own.  This is because success comes from within the heart first, not from outward changes built on will-power or suppression.  

Once I had realized significant changes, I began to organize the information in a way that would help myself and other family members quickly make the changes we needed as we continued to move forward with God.   Even in our busiest times, we were able to grow in Christ and receive God’s blessings by putting God’s Word first without difficulty or stress.  The principles I share teach how to give our burdens to Jesus so that we can receive answered prayer in peace and without suffering.

Everyone Can Experience Christian Growth In 7 Days    

I helped my husband experience changes in his life in only one week that led to healing and continued growth to this day.  When difficulties come, we’re both able to “rest in Christ” while we trust God for deliverance.  It always comes as we wait upon God with simple, scriptural faith that I teach in the course.  

However, it’s important to note that we receive not because of who we are, but because of Jesus’ work on the cross.  This is why this principle will work for you too.  I will show you that you are worthy before God to receive from Him whatever you need. 

If you need healing, answered prayer, a better understanding of God’s Word or you just need to move forward from your problems, this course is for you!  

Yes, it’s possible that you can receive Christian growth in only 7 days and I can help you do it!  However, if you wish to take a longer time because of your schedule, no problem.  You can stretch out the time.  

Learn more about The Victory Online Class for this life-changing study.  Go to Christian growth in 7 days!


Christian Growth in 7-Days