We Need To Experience Christian Fellowship With Sincere Christians Who Have The Same Purpose


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Christian FellowshipIt’s important to have Christian fellowship. We need to be with other Christians in order to share our faith, grow together in Christ, encourage and remain in the company of those who share the same values.

Make sure that you’re in the company of sincere Christians.  You can do this by understanding what a good Christian environment is.  Sharing the same values with the people you keep company with is vital to your continued Christian growth.

We have to insure that as Christians we center our lives upon God’s Word rather than things or activities that seek attention to bring glory to ourselves rather than engaging in lifelong pursuits that glorify God and we should expect the same of our Christian friends. The wrong people can lead us astray from living a God-centered lifestyle.

One of the ways to determine how other Christians really believe is to listen to what a person says, how they say it and what they center their life upon. If we take time to fellowship with our Heavenly father in prayer, in time alone with Him and by spending time in the Word, we can rightfully judge if we’re in the right company before we engage in Christian fellowship with specific persons.

This doesn’t mean that we should shun the world. We are responsible to share the Gospel with others. However, as Christians the center of our lives should be Christ. We should follow Him every day, not just on Sundays and practice His teachings. As we act upon them and see the results of His Words (the Bible) in our lives, then we can share or teach others what we have learned and how we utilize God’s Word to do it. This is another great purpose for Christian fellowship. However, when we teach, we have to make sure that we don’t lead others astray or let the lack of Christian commitment in others lead us astray.

When we share our lives, the best part of our time and even our homes with those who claim to be Christians yet speak, act and think like the rest of the world, then we need to carefully consider if the relationship is something God can use to guide someone into salvation or a Christian lifestyle or if it’s a relationship that will never yield the fruits of Christian fellowship.

Mark 3:25 (ASV) 25 And if a house be divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.

We must also insure that any relationship we have doesn’t cause us to be divided between Christ and the world. With God we have to choose a position because you cannot have Christ in you and the evilness of the world residing together. One of them will have to go! Only prayer can help us understand what to do in such situations, but God will always come through with His perfect guidance to show the way.

Always keep in mind that everything we do and say as Christians will influence others, so make sure to keep your words, actions and thoughts in line with God’s Words in your own life so that you will always be an example of someone who is able to share Christian fellowship in a way that is pleasing to God.


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