The 7-Day Christian Challenge Course Is Coming Soon!

 Based Upon The Path To Victorious Christian Living!

About The 7-Day Christian Challenge Course

7-Day Christian Challenge

If you haven’t been taught about the power you have through Jesus Christ and In Him because of His redemptive work on the cross, you need this course.  As Christians we’re all responsible to live God’s will.  If don’t, we have to answer to God for living by our own desires and will. 

We need to follow God’s path.  When we do, great things happen in our lives.  We follow God by living His Word.  As a result we receive the promises or blessings He has made available to us in Christ.

It doesn’t matter how old you are to begin with God.  Your Christian walk didn’t end with your receiving salvation.  However, many Christians are taught church or man’s doctrines instead of true Bible doctrines so they don’t know where to begin with God or how to develop a relationship with Him.

The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge will get you on the right path with God so that you will know how to move forward with Him for answered prayer to receive healing, well-being or whatever you need.



We only get one life-time to please God and to live His Word.  What many Christians don’t know is that living the Word means living God’s blessings.  We’ve been given abundant lives in Christ so we should be living what God has given us by grace and because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.

This one-of-a-kind course is an exciting adventure for every Christian to experience.  It subtly guides and teaches from one lesson to the next an uncommon Christian growth that leads the way for greater Biblical understanding and spiritual growth. It’s going to enlighten your Bible studies and make it possible for you to receive answered prayer from the first lesson while it continually blesses you.

I’ll be announcing The 7-Day Christian Challenge Course as soon as it’s available. Look for the announcement!  This course is based upon the Victorious Christian Living Bible Study.