The Christian Business Success Bible Study

Grow Your Business On A Foundation Of Jesus Christ!

Matthew 6:33  “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”   

God Is Depending Upon Your Success!

“My Most Popular Study Is Teaching Christians How To Do Business God’s Way For Success, Financial Growth and A Deeper Relationship With God.”

Margaret Lukasik

My dynamic Christian Business Success Business Bible study will not only change your business, but your life to create an amazing legacy for your children and future generations of your family. Failure is not a part of God, so as you learn how to work with His Triune Nature, you'll be guided through Biblical precepts and principles that will lead you into the Christian business success you desire and deserve through Jesus Christ.

-Margaret Lukasik, Site Author

Get In Step With God's Scriptural Formula For Christian Business Success

Learn How To Put Scriptural Principles Together For
Success In Life and Business


Prosper In Business God's Way

Learn God’s business strategy and how to use it concerning your business and your life.

Work With God To Succeed and Not Fail

The study will give you great confidence and ability to succeed!

Learn How To Work With God!

Work With God The Father, Jesus The Son and The Holy Spirit For Long-Term Success.

Get My Special Bonus!

Receive more Godly guidance with the Triune Nature Of God Bible Study.  See below.

Realize Accelerated Business And Christian Growth!


"My Most Popular Study Is Helping Christians Learn How To Do Business God's Way For Success, Financial Growth and A Deeper Relationship With God."

Get Onboard With God's Business Plan

Learn How To Utilize God’s Business Strategy!

"If you want God to prosper your money, then you need to grow in His wisdom and knowledge. This study will teach you how to do business in a way that will always put you on top and keep you blessed. So let GOD GUIDE YOUR BUSINESS for success!

   With this study, you'll learn to see God as your "Business Coach" leading you into victory through promotions, raises, business creativity and business opportunities for His plans, purposes and pursuits to be realized. Once you do this, you'll understand that God needs you to prosper in your business in order to bless you and in order to have more financial ability to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

If you desire to turn your business over the the Lord, WATCH THE VIDEO PRESENTATION ABOVE that I created to show you what this study will help you accomplish with God if you’re self-employed, you have a career or job or you’re in the ministry.

Once you apply God’s business strategy to the daily operations of your life and business, you’ll begin to experience the success in business God desires that you achieve for the sake of His Kingdom.

Become A Blessing To God
By Doing Business His Way!

God Desires To Help You, But He Needs Your Commitment

Putting God at the center of doing business takes away the risk of business ownership or fear of job loss, but you have to make the choice to work with God.  He cannot force you to do anything.  By looking to God first in business, you'll enjoy a confidence that we will prosper your work beyond what appears to be your income earning limitations.  This is because with God all things are possible!"

Working With The Trinity For Business Success:

Doing Business God's Way is my most popular Bible Study.  You'll learn how to be guided by God in ways that most Christians haven't been taught in their churches.  Most churches don't teach how to go into the world and succeed in business.  Their focal point is to teach winning souls to Christ and this is scriptural and God's best. 

However, as successful Christian men and women in business we can earn more money to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We all need to learn God's business strategy as a part of our Christian growth and for our service to God. 

Highlights Of The Study  

  • Learn how to center upon God while you learn God's business principles.
  • Discover how to create or recreate your business upon a foundation of Christ.  
  • Develop the right actions for continued success.

The Doing Business God's Way Bible Study Will Teach You Who You Are In Christ, How To Go Full-Circle With God and Stay Focused Upon The Word For Success!



     "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well."       

(NIV) Matthew 6:33

Use Your Business To Glorify God

Your business success is not only a blessing for you to enjoy, but also to glorify God! So if you're afraid that God may not want your business, ministry or work to prosper, you'll need to change your thinking. God is expecting you to succeed and He will help you do it by working with His "Trinune Nature!"  He will also help you to smoothly transition to new opportunities that work best with the dreams and talents he's already given you.

   The Doing Business God's Way study will break down God's Word into doing business in a way that will make it easy to understand and implement. And if you're already acting upon God's Word for integrity in business but you're not experiencing the kind of success that brings financial and business growth, this study will guide you into utilizing Biblical principles to realize the financial break-through and business success you've been waiting to achieve." 

Get In Step With God's Scriptural Formula For Christian Business Success

God's Knowledge + Wisdom + Inner Guidance =

Business / Career / Ministry / Spiritual Growth Success

Whether you're in business for yourself or you're employed, this study will guide you into the understanding that God is your partner and provider. He will bless you abundantly as you trust Him in all His ways--even in the ways you do business. This is the only foundation for Christians -- there is no other way!

  Be Guided Through The Doing Business God's Way Bible Study.  Some Of The Subjects Are Listed Below:  

God's Business Stategy Pray For Business Success
Christian Business Perspective  Develop A Wise Business Character
Make Godly Business Decisions The Center Of God's Success
God's Guidance In Business Keep Your Business Right With God
Your Family Comes First Your Kingdom Blessings

   You'll Also Receive FREE.... 
        "The Triune Nature Of God" Bible Study.

"The Triune Nature Of God"

I wrote the Triune Nature Of God to work hand-in-hand with the Doing Business God's Way Bible Study to insure your success.  You can't work effectively with God if you don't understand the specific functions of the Trinity.  This one study can change your relationship with God on all levels to allow Him to empower you for success!

   By understanding the "plural oneness of God" you'll be able to work with Him successfully in your life and business.  Find out how to work with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to achieve God's will in your life through your daily work, business or ministry!  Click below to order this dynamic Christian Business Bible Study.


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 If you want God to prosper your money, then you need to grow in His wisdom and knowledge. Let Him show you how to do business in a way that will always put you on top and keep you blessed.  I'm also including FREE the "The Triune Nature of God" short study to futher let God Guide Your Business for success!


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