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Introducing Christian Books I Have Read and Reviewed - Site Author Margaret Lukasik.

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The books listed on this page are books that I have read and want to share as well as books that I have chosen promote and review. The authors are dedicated to basing their writings upon scripture. However, when it comes to God’s Word, it’s up to each person to investigate the truth of what they see, hear and read against the living Word of God.

The books I’ve chosen to read for spiritual growth all offer a unique means of sharing messages, teachings, experiences and stories that reflect scripture. Each was written by an author dedicated to sharing God’s Word.

The Christian fiction stories I’ve read offer a means of enjoying a good book for entertainment purposes without having to be concerned with bad words, violence or explicit sexual content. Some of the stories are for all ages.

 Enjoy perusing through my book list. – Margaret Lukasik

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Older Brother The Other Christian Book

Older Brother The Other

New by Peter Koren, "Older Brother The Other" is a Christian story where Religion meets Rebellion and the reaction is a Revolution! Find out how equity and unity with diversity is possible. Read More...

Whole Heart By Michelle Felix

Whole Heart: A Memoir

“The award winning book, "Whole Heart” is an honest and inspiring memoir that acknowledges pain and will move you to tears, but eventually, it will fill your heart with hope, joy, and aspiration. A truly lovely and Inspiring story. More..

Inspirational Fiction

BellyButton: The Source Of My Strength

The book is an exciting inspirational fiction novel based upon true events. The reader follows the life of the main character, Danny, from the time of his premature birth to a troubled adult. More...

Back To Eden / biblical perspective on wealth and poverty

Back To Eden

Through deep analysis and thoughtful consideration of theological literature and select scripture, Dr. Simon Thiessen’s work weaves a story that educates, enlightens, and inspires within each page. Read More...

Reflections For A Thirsty Soul

Reflections For A Thirsty Soul

Reflections for a Thirsty Soul written by YaaFoda Attobrah is a book of Christian inspiration and personal reflections with life-giving affirmation and encouragement, truth and strength. More...

God Loves You

Seek Me and You Will Find Me. I did and I DID

We can learn from the Christian testimonies of others. Ron Ziegler shares his in his new inspirational book, The Greatest Discoveries In Life. He says that his story is a "true life story in scriptures." More..

Searched and Seized By God

A book of Christian strength and boldness in the face of difficulty. The author take his readers on a wonderful journey of love for God, family and friends as they unite in honoring Him through their thoughts, words and actions. More..

Journey and Destiny Of A Christian

Journey and Destiny Of a Christian

By Ted Matamis. He is the founder of “A Spiritual Note from the Bible” which is an International Email Ministry. Read 100 Biblical topics for encouraging, comforting, teaching, inspiring, challenging and More..

Dying To Meet Jesus Book Review

Dying To Meet Jesus

"Randy Kay explains how we can draw closer to God as He uses brokenness to draw us closer to Him. It all adds up to one compelling book that carries tremendous weight."- Pastor Tommy Barnett, author; co-pastor, Dream City Church. More...

Grace Is The Truth

Learn the difference between the two covenants – the covenant of the law and the covenant of grace. Grace Is The Truth shows that the truth is found on the side of grace as it is mentioned in the book of John 1:17. More...

Winning Starts With You

It's a spiritual truth that every born-again Christian has the privilege to become a champion! Through his Son, God has given us victory over the world, flesh, and the devil. Therefore, you don’t have to walk in defeat anymore. More..

Sons Of Man Book Review by Margaret Lukasik

The Sons Of God

It's a spiritual truth that every born-again Christian has the privilege to become a champion! Through his Son, God has given us victory over the world, flesh, and the devil. Therefore, you don’t have to walk in defeat anymore. More..

Free To Be Like Jesus Cover

Free To Be Like Jesus

Tommy' Hay's book is Biblically-based with spiritual principles for inner healing and deliverance personal prayer — whether receiving healing and freedom for yourself or for ministering to others. Max Lucado Forward. More...

Moral Law VS Scripture

If you're a Christian and haven't noticed that Christians are under attack, you need to read this book! If you have noticed, and you don't know what to do about it, this book is a "MUST READ!" More...

What Has Been Will Be Again

This exciting book gives the reader Biblically backed responses pertaining to Old Testament events, explaining how they are prophetic pictures of future events being repeated on earth. More ...

What The Bible Says About Fasting

Scriptural Fasting

If you don't understand Biblical fasting or you haven't studied it, you need this book. It takes the mystery out of fasting and gives a clear picture about why Christians should fast, and how from scripture. More...

The Grace Of Forgiveness

The Grace Of Forgiveness is beautifully written to give meaning to Christ’s resurrection and to help Christians understand their identity in Jesus Christ. Live the fullness of your salvation. More...

Musings Of The Heart

Musings Of The Heart

A collection of 365 reflections or daily devotions written by Aaron Peters. He is a young man dedicated to God with a wonderful writing talent he uses for the Lord. Stay grounded in the Word! More...

I am not ashamed of The Gospel

Not Ashamed Of The Gospel

This is an invaluable church resource that offers 40 Lagniappe (with 3 extra) Chapters by Reverend James Casimier Jr., TH.D. This is a great study for Christian Bible studies. More ...

What Happens After Death

What Happens After Death

This book represents a unique, revolutionary and biblical perspective concerning the events and the timetables related to death and the grave. By Reverend James Casimier Jr., TH.D.  More...

How To?

How To?

A book of 40 alliterated, contemporary, and expository sermon outlines by Reverend James Casimier Jr., TH.D.. He is the author who wrote the book, What Happens After Death. More

Victorious Christian Reading - Finding Heaven By Edward Mrkvicka

Finding Heaven

Matthew 7:13-14 warns that most people, including Christians, will NOT receive eternal life in heaven. It’s vital that you learn why. More…

Great Christian Finding Heaven By Edward Mrkvicka

Spirit Of Revival

It doesn’t take a revelation to realize we are in the last days. Some have abandoned the Faith while others are wait for a Christian Revival. More...

Victorious Christian Books - Terminal Generation


Terminal Generation

While most Christians know that the Gospel is “good news”, many don’t realize that the good news doesn’t stop at salvation but continues. More

Victorious Christian Reading

How God Pursued Me

The book is as disturbing and unsettling as it is uplifting and gratifying. It’s a unique story about money, abuse and rescue. More..

Victorious Christian Reading - The Great Battle Has Begun.

The Great Battle Has Begun

The Great Battle Has Begun, author Kelly  Bowring  highlights the book of Revelation to shed light on God’s divine plan for peace in the world.  More..

Great Christian Finding Heaven By Edward Mrkvicka

Losers Like Us

t doesn’t take a revelation to realize we are in the last days. Some fall out of their faith while others are waiting for a Christian revival. More..

Victorious Christian Reading - The Great Battle Has Begun.

How To Be Rich in Faith

Author Tony Egar made a 3-year commitment to prove with his life that God’s Word is true. The book documents His successful journey in faith. More

Victorious Christian Reading

How Shall We Feed Them?

This is a church Food Pantry Guidebook written by Marty Girardier. It’s absolutely a great Christian resource for church leaders and volunteers. More

Victorious Christian Reading - The Great Battle Has Begun.

Becoming Holy

Becoming Holy, by Fountain Hendricks, gives instruction and guidance to help Christians achieve the standard Jesus teaches in the New Testament. Post  Review.

Victorious Christian Reading - Slam The Door On The Great Battle Has Begun.

Slam The Door On Cancer

Business professional Jacquie Woodward was healed of cancer using science and scripture after being told by her doctors there was nothing they could do. More

Victorious Christian Reading

The Well-Watered Life

Todd L. Shuler teaches Christians how to move forward with God through the difficult times of their lives. The author reflects God’s love throughout. More… 

Victorious Christian Reading

Saying Life's Dragons and Beasts

“Slaying Life’s Dragons and Beasts,” by Gary Millner discusses the difficult issues of life in a real, transparent, practical, and Biblical manner. More… 

Victorious Christian Reading - The Cure.


The Cure – Prescription For Life is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and an unforgettable Christian life book that centers upon the Beatitudes from Matthew 5:1-12. More

Victorious Christian Reading - Hell On Earth.

Hell On Earth

The book, Hell On Earth is based upon Christian author and pastor Olabisi Obideyi’s 2004 ‘open vision’ that began with an unsettling voice welcoming her to hell. More

Victorious Christian Reading

Be Ye Transformed

This is a handbook for living written for all Christians. It centers upon effective Christian Living that leads to victory in Christ. More… 


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