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Christian Author AllianceI have great news for Christian authors.  In the 12 years I’ve been working with Christian authors I’ve found that we all have the same need; we need each other.  This is why I’ve formed the Christian author alliance.  It’s new and we’re in the process of getting members.  But this will be a means for Christian authors to exchange book reviews and to support one another for book promotions.

While we’re looking for new members, we want Christian authors who are willing to look at their writing as a means of serving God first by sharing their messages and stories to the world to glorify God.  Therefore, we all need to be ready to help one another to fulfill that purpose.   

The Best Christian Alliance News Is Promotion Support

When authors decide to have a book promotion whether it be on Amazon for more more sales, for becoming an Amazon best seller, New York Times best seller or USA Today best seller, we will be here to support one another. If a member feels that they can’t be supportive of their fellow Christian authors, it will defeat the purpose of the alliance.   

If you’re a Christian author, you may be interested in joining.  Our membership is free for life, but only for a limited time.  We invite you to view our Christian Alliance Page and judge if the alliance is for you.  Our objective is to help authors get more book reviews when they’re priced at $0.99, and to help each other sell more books for whatever goal is intended. 


If you love writing, but you have little or no support, we could be a great source of assistance for your needs.  Maybe you’re up against the wall when it comes to getting a specific number of  book reviews for your book promotion.  Maybe you just need to communicate with other authors. Whatever you’re need, look into the Alliance to see if it’s for you.


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