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We're now offering audio book reviews that will enhance your author blog or website pages while taking up very little bandwidth. And they're great to put on your promotion on various sites.


For an audio book review example, click on the audio in the header.  I use the author’s book for the audio cover for more impact. The audio comes in two sizes, large and small. 

Author’s receive a large and small player of their audio review that is 2 – 5 minutes long depending upon the length of Margaret Lukasik’s Review.

More About The Audio Video Reviews

I’ll also place your audio book review on a page within my site to announce your book and my review.  I read the books and create the audio narration with background music I choose which I have full rights to.  If you have music you wish me to use, make sure that you have full, legal rights to use it. 

I also include important author links for purchasing, website and social networks on the page.  You’ll receive the audio file in two sizes for your promotion. 

This promotion package does not include a review on or a written review on my site. The author will need to send a copy of their book to be read or a digital copy. If you want a written review on my site and on go here.

-Margaret Lukasik

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"“Margaret Lukasik provides a priceless service to Christian authors for very small fees. When I do a Google search for the title of our book, one of her pages comes up first, even before Amazon and my own ebsite!”
Gary Milner
Author & Counselor
"“Hi Margaret, thank you again for your encouraging work. Working with you has been a true blessing and I will continue to follow your work at Life Purpose God bless.” Pastor Steve Byrens” Author of The Cure – Prescription For Life.”"
Steve Byrens
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