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Teaching scriptural healing to your children

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 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.  -Matthew 19:14


I attended Sunday school from the time I can remember as a preschooler.  I didn’t learn until I was older that the church leaders didn’t believe the Bible to be for us today.

The reason I didn’t notice for some time was because my precious Sunday school teachers did believe in the Bible and they taught us wonderful verses every week.  They made it fun and exciting to memorize them!  They made me feel that Jesus was actually right there in our class.

As I learned much later in life, Jesus was right there in that room with us. I’m sure it was because my teachers had planted so many seeds of truth about Jesus and how much He loved us during class time, when we were playing and all the time! 

Because of those teachers I continued to seek God’s truth after I left that church as a young adult. They told us great stories of faith and healing that they had witnessed or had learned about throughout their lives. I hung on every word!  They also validated my father’s scriptural healing stories that he had shared with me since I was very young. 

Hover over Matthew 18:20 to read.

I later learned that there is great power when 2 or 3 persons are gathered in Jesus’ Name and they are all in agreement!  We have the power of answered prayer!  As our mediator, Jesus goes to the Father on our behalf and whatever He asks, Our Heavenly Father will do it for us.  This is called the “prayer of agreement.” Hover over Matthew 18:19 to find out what Jesus has to say about that prayer.


This Is A Great Prayer For Parents To Use Over Their Children

Take Jesus at His word and and pray with others to heal the sick, especially your children and even the children of others. Parents have so much power to protect their children’s health with this prayer. When they’re ill, pray over them and believe that Jesus is right there in that room representing you to the Father for good health and healing!  See it done.  See your child well and believe it with all your heart!

When my son was about 4 years old he suddenly became very ill with a high fever.  Our doctor said to put him in a tub of ice and he would be okay.  If his condition didn’t improve then we were to bring him into his office when it opened the following Monday. This happened on a Friday night so we would have to go to an emergency room for immediate help.  He was so small to see him in a tub of ice with his teeth chattering so we took him out and I stayed close to him thanking and praising God for healing him.  I never stopped until he was well by early morning.

I’d just like to say that if we had to, we would have taken him to an emergency hospital, but in just hours his fever had broken and he was well.  When it comes to children especially it’s important to use whatever trusted medical assistance available and keep using faith and trust in God for healing.  When we pray, the more specific we are the better.  And any needed medication can relieve a child or adult of temporary pain and suffering.  But if there is an emergency situation and you can’t get to a doctor, you have the assurance that God will come through for you.

My husband never felt comfortable waiting to see a doctor for our son, so we decided to take our children to the doctor or hospital emergency rooms right away for serious illnesses. When our youngest daughter was 3 years old she suddenly became so ill she couldn’t get out of bed on her own and she was going in and out of sleep.  I was able to get her to a doctor right away and was told to give her prescription medicine and return the next day because she had a sever flu. 

I gave her the medicine and rocked her while I thanked and praised God for healing her.  She was limp when I began and still in and out of sleep.  Then suddenly she surprised me!  In her normal voice she said she was healed and wanted to go outside and have me push her on the swing.  I made sure she was well and after I was assured of her healing we played on the swings for some time.  It was a wonderful and blessed day!

Keep your faith strong over your children for good health and healing and teach them how to have faith with you.  They count as a people too so when you pray with them, they can agree with you in faith that Jesus is in your midst and will heal them.  Even if your children are older, trust God to heal their depression, addictions, bad behavior or inability to develop a healthy life. God will honor your earnest prayers. He knows how much you love your children because He’s the most loving Father Who exists. God IS LOVE!

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