Where To Find Child Evangelism Tools For Church and Other Christian Events


Child Evangelism Tools


It’s difficult to get a child’s attention for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, let alone reaching a group of children on the subject.  However, I’ve found a wonderful website that offers multiple evangelism tools for all ages of children. 

Let The Little Children Come offers a variety of products specifically for very young children to teenagers.  Some of the products can be used for young adults as well.  There are many free resources as well as packaged Bible tracts that are great for church events, Sunday and Bible school or any Christian event.


Discover A Large Variety Of Child Evangelism Tools

This is the largest variety of child evangelism tools I’ve seen that range from Wordless books, jewelry, nail polish, pop-up books to magic tricks and Lego bricks.  To view the site’s sampler pack for Child Evangelism Tools go to the Sampler Page.   

The packaged tracts are beautifully wrapped and sealed.  Based upon my experience with most of the products, I can honestly say that I’m impressed with the quality.  They’re well-made, sturdy for little hands and creative. 

The best part is that every child evangelism tool includes instructions for sharing the salvation message with different age groups which is stated on the product.   Many of the tools are bright in color and easy to make, therefore children love making them and looking at them as a reminder of God’s love.


Visit The Let The Little Children Come Website

LetTheLittleChildrenCome.com is a pleasure to visit.  It’s filled with products and complete instructions for sharing the gospel with children.  Most of the Bible tracts use 5 colors to tell the story with guidance for keeping children interested. 

Many of the tracts make it easy for children to share the gospel with their friends.  I encourage anyone involved with evangelism or who want to be ready to share the gospel with children visit the site to view each of the unique Bible tracts.   



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