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It’s time that you become the success you were created to be in Christ. There is no excuse to live in failure by repeating the same actions that have never brought you success.  Take Responsibility by living God’s Word today.

  • You Have Victory In Christ!

You Were Created To Succeed!

Orlando Pompea, author of Winning Starts With You, shares his teachings as a pastor to help Christians grow in Christ daily without it being an effort, but a joy instead. I’ve heard Christians complain about how difficult it is to be a Christian, yet from my experience, it’s a great joy to live in victory rather than being a victim.  

I’ve been a Christian since age 9, but it wasn’t until my late twenties that I began to live the Word and embrace living a life empowered by God rather than by my limited wisdom and knowledge.  This is why I enjoyed Orlando’s book. He makes learning the Word a pleasure rather than a chore, which will assist many people to become champions in Christ rather than turning their backs on God in disappointment that He doesn’t honor His Word.   

Orlando Pompea is the founder and Senior Pastor of Gods Rivier Pontbuiten.  His church is located in Paramaribo, Suriname.  As a pastor of over thirteen years, he has the credentials to help Christians live victorious lives.  However, for me it’s more important that he writes not from mere theories or book knowledge, but from what he has experienced throughout his life and the success he has attained using God’s Word.  It’s one thing to have knowledge, but quite another to know how to execute it for the intended results. 


How You Can Become A Champion In Christ

Winning Starts With You is a powerful book that puts the responsibility of living the successful and victorious lifestyle we have in Christ onto every Christian!  While it’s true that believers can do all things in Christ, we have to take the authority in Christ we’ve been given by living the Word and believing by faith that it will accomplish what it was sent to do. Therefore, if we don’t take responsibility for following the Word and having faith that it’s true, God can’t empower our lives. 

Our victory is through Christ’s victory! Believers are empowered to be champions in Christ and to be victors in life as the outcome of Jesus’ work on the cross.  So as you believe this is true, it will become a reality in your life. 

Orlando also shows his readers how to be responsible to live God’s Word daily.  He doesn’t just tell believers what they should do, but he shows with scripture and by example what to do, in the important areas of life.  His book is very well organized to help Christians be champions in Christ for the rest of their lives. 


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