A Must-Read Cancer Memoir Of Survival

A Biography Of a Cancer Surviver With a Two-Month Prognosis

With vivid imagery and heartening language, this remarable story of the resilience and strength of the human spirit, takes the reader on a journey of a couple’s battle with cancer while leaning on the power of God with hope and faith for healing. 

“Inspirational Christian Faith!

Cancer Memoir Of Survival

By Maryla Mary Storm

A Legacy Of Love and Deep Faith in God

Are you ready for an uplifting journey of hope, resilience, and triumph over adversity? Look no further than “11 Years,” the awe-inspiring memoir of the love story between cancer survivor, Keith Storm and his wife Mary Storm, the author of this captivating and powerfully raw story. Authored with unwavering authenticity and heart, this book is sure to captivate and inspire you.

Through the lens of Keith’s journey, Mary paints a vivid picture of the tumultuous experience of facing cancer head-on. She invites readers to witness Keith’s unwavering determination to beat the odds, his unwavering courage in the face of suffering, and his steadfast faith in the healing power of love.

But “11 Years” is more than just a story of survival. This book offers powerful lessons for anyone facing adversity. Mary deftly navigates the complex emotional terrain of Keith’s journey, revealing the deep inner strength that lies within all of us. Her words will inspire you to rise above the challenges in your life, to embrace the power of hope, and to have faith in the face of uncertainty.

This is a “must-read” for anyone seeking the courage to overcome life’s toughest challenges. Its powerful message of inner strength will leave you eager to share Keith’s amazing journey. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary memoir – get your copy today and discover the power of hope, love, and faith in God for yourself.  

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Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Maryla Mary Storm’s memoir, “11 Years,” chronicles the remarkable journey of her husband Keith, a cancer patient who was given only two months to live but survived for 11 years. This inspiring true story follows Keith from his diagnosis to his final days, detailing the challenges he faced and the treatments he underwent based on his invaluable journal entries.

I found Storm’s writing to be straightforward and engaging from the first page. It effectively captures the struggles and triumphs of her husband’s journey, and her loving involvement in his day to day care, with a glimpse into the personal growth techniques and religious beliefs that helped them to cope with the physical and emotional challenges of cancer.  

The book is also a story of unconditional love between Keith and Mary that became even stronger as they joined forces to fight against this disease, which is a wonderful testimony for other married couples who find themselves in difficult situations.  Mary dedicated her life to Keith, becoming his pillar of strength through his difficult medical procedures and physical challenges.   

One of the strengths of “11 Years” is the author’s ability to present complex medical information in a way that is accessible to readers. The book offers insights into different treatments and techniques that Keith endured. Storm also explores the ways in which she watched Keith tap into his faith to fight against cancer, providing inspiration and guidance for readers who are dealing with the disease themselves or know someone who is.

Overall, “11 Years” is a powerful and inspiring read that highlights Keith’s journey with cancer in an honest and meaningful way. It offers hope and encouragement to readers facing similar struggles, and it is a valuable resource for anyone looking to better understand this difficult disease. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking inspiration and hope in the face of adversity.

About The Author Of "11 Years"


Maryla Mary Storm

Maryla has been helping authors achieve their dreams for many years, but recently published her own book, an inspiring memoir of cancer survival. It is a story of determination and love. A story about her dearest husband, who was diagnosed with cancer and only had only 2 months to live, yet thriving for eleven years. Find out how a man who was living with cancer was able to thrive in life. The story contains journals from the man who wanted to pass along information to others about his cancer journey.

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