Are You Doing Business God's Way?

“No Matter Where You Are In The World, If You Desire To Experience Business Success God’s Way, Learn How To Follow His Ways For Success As You Develop A Deeper Relationship With HIM AT THE SAME TIME!”


Christian Business Success

 Follow God’s Christian Business Success Strategy…

This is a one of a kind study geared toward helping Christians prosper and gain respect in business or in the work-place using God’s Word as their guide for success.  It’s based on my success in business since 1981 which has continued to this day in a limited capacity since I have retired or rather partially retired. I love my work, so it’s really a part of my retirement enjoyment.

Putting God at the center of doing business takes away the risk of business ownership and the fear of job loss as long as you know how to work with God and understand His ways.  His Word will establish in you the inner growth, confidence and skills you need to prosper beyond what appears to be your income earning limitations.                                                                                               -Margaret Lukasik

To Work With God His Way You Need To Understand The Trinity

This Is Why I Created The “The Triune Nature Of God” Study To Compliment “Doing Business God’s Way.” It Yours FREE With This Study.

Triune Nature Of God and Life Purpose Steps
Trinue Nature Of God
Triune Nature Of God

God The Father

Learn how to be On-Target with God no matter how little Bible knowledge you have or how distant you feel from God.

Jesus The Son

Learn scriptural business success principles through Jesus Christ to go full-circle with God in your life and in business — not half-way.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is our comforter and guide. He will lead you into the areas of business that will bring you success.

Author Margaret Lukasik

Don't Dream Of Success, Look To God and Release It!

It’s not enough to hope that some day your business or career dreams will come true. You have to take action, which many of us do, but there are many elements in life that can keep us from realizing our success. Even getting an education doesn’t guarantee success, but our training, education and knowledge together with God’s Word is the winning combination we all need to prosper in whatever we do. 

Keep It Simple Faith Course


By Doing Business God’s Way Your Experience, Education or Training Become Explosive For Business and Career Success when mixed with God’s knowledge, Wisdom and Inner Guidance.  Whether you are in business for yourself or you are employed, this study will guide you into the understanding that God is your partner and provider. He will bless you abundantly as you trust Him in all His ways–even in the ways you do business. This is a great foundation for persons just starting a new business or career.

  Learn How To Work With God Today! Understand:

God's Business Strategy

Praying For Business Success

The Christian Business Perspective

Wise Business Character Building

Godly Business Decisions

Living God's Success Plan

God's Guidance In Business

How To Do Business God's Way

How To Put Family First

Possessing Your Kindom Blessings

God Will Turn Your Career Into A Means Of Loving What You Do While You Earn The Income You Deserve Withou Sacrificing The Joy of Life!

Are You Doing Business God's Way?

No matter where you are in the world, if you desire to experience business success God’s way. Learn how to follow his plan as you develop a deeper relationship with him AT THE SAME TIME! Get started today! 

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