"If You Desire To Experience Financial Growth By Following God's Path For Success As You Develop A Deeper Relationship With HIM, This Book Is For YOU!"

Margaret Lukasik

Follow God's Christian Business Success Strategy...

This is a one of a kind study geared toward helping Christians prosper and gain respect in business or in the work-place using God's Word as their guide for success.

   It's based upon my success in business since 1981 which has continued to this day in a limited capacity since I have retired or rather partially retired.  I love my work, so it's really a part of my retirement enjoyment.

   Putting God at the center of doing business takes away the risk of business ownership and the fear of job loss as long as you know how to work with God's triune nature. It will help you establish the confidence that you'll prosper beyond what appears to be your income earning limitations.

To Work With God His Way You Need To Understand The Trinity

This Is Why I Created The "The Triune Nature Of God" Study To Compliment "Doing Business God's Way" For Better Learning 

Business God's Way God The Father

God, The Father

Learn how to be On-Target with God no matter how little Bible knowledge you have or how distant you feel from God.

Business God's Way

Jesus, Our Lord

Learn scriptural business success principles through Jesus Christ to go full-circle with God -- not half-way!

Business God's Way

Our Comforter

For your greatest success, you'll learn about the Triune nature of God and how to work with Him on the highest level.


The Doing Business God's Way Bible Study Will Teach
You Who You Are In Christ, How To Go Full-Circle With
God and Stay Focused Upon The Word For Success!


Business God's Way

"Doing Business God's Way" 

by Margaret Lukasik  

Learn how to trust Jesus to lay the foundation of your business or you risk great loss not only in business but from within your heart. We need to keep God at the center of whatever we do in our personal lives as well as business in order to avoid becoming morally bankrupt. 

I Corinthians 3:10...
By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as an expert builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should be careful how he builds.

Business God's Way Chart

Achieve God's Integrity Within Your Business Or Workplace

I Created my first business in 1981 writing information materials.  My husband and I have been in business together since 2004, so for over twenty-five years we've been a team trusting God for our money.

   We've remained in strong faith over money difficulties even though we started together in marriage "money poor." So we're ordinary people from average income backgrounds who learned how to make our money grow by doing business God's way.

   It is our hope to help Christian business owners and Christians looking to become an entrepreneur learn how to achieve success in their businesses through the integrity of God's Word.  The study is designed for anyone who is a business owner, currently employed in management, an hourly wage earner or ministry.  


What You Can Expect From This Exciting Business God's Way Bible Study:

Before I continue, I'd like you to think of God as your "Business Coach" leading you into victory through promotions, raises, business creativity and opportunities for His plans and purposes for your life.  Once you see how valuable you are to God, you'll understand that He needs you to prosper in your business to bless you and to have more financial ability to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.  Your business success in not only a blessing to you, but it will glorify God!  So if you're afraid that God may not want your business to prosper, you'll need to change your thinking.  God needs your business to help save the lost.

   "Doing Business God's Way" will break down God's Word into the daily activities of doing business in a way that will make it easy to understand and implement.  And if you're already acting upon God's Word for integrity in business but you're not experiencing the kind of success that brings financial and business growth, then this study will guide you into utilizing faith principles over your business and money to give you the financial break-through you've been waiting to achieve. 


You'll Also Receive The Following Study:


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"The Triune Nature Of God"

I wrote the Triune Nature Of God to work hand-in-hand with the Doing Business God's Way Bible Study to insure your success.  You can't work effectively with God if you don't understand the specific functions of the Trinity.  This one study can change your relationship with God on all levels to allow Him to empower you for success!

   By understanding the "plural oneness of God" you'll be able to work with Him successfully in your life and business.  Find out how to work with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to achieve God's will in your life through your daily work, business or ministry!  Click below to order this dynamic Christian Business Bible Study.


"By Doing Business God's Way"

God's: Knowledge + Wisdom + Inner Guidance =

Business/Career Success 

About The Study

Whether you are in business for yourself or you are employed, this study will guide you into the understanding that God is your partner and provider. He will bless you abundantly as you trust Him in all His ways--even in the ways you do business. This is a great foundation for persons just starting a new business or career.

  Be Guided Through "Doing Business God's Way" which includes:

God's Business Strategy Pray For Business Success
Christian Business Perspective  Develop A Wise Business Character
Make Godly Business Decisions The Center Of God's Success
God's Guidance In Business Keep Your Business Right With God
Your Family Comes First Your Kingdom Blessings

If you want God to prosper your money, then you need to grow in His wisdom and knowledge. Let Him show you how to do business in a way that will always put you on top and keep you blessed. So let God Guide Your Business for success!


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