The Faithful Father Part I

By Sharon Palmer

Break The Grip Of Childhood Trauma

Break The Grip Of Childhood Trauma In Christ Jesus

Begin With Part I Of The Series For Hope and Healing...

By God’s power, it is definitely possible to recover fully from life’s early traumas. In her latest mini-book (the first installment of a four-part series), Christian author Sharon Palmer tackles the tough subject of self-hatred arising from childhood sexual abuse. Amid engaging testimony, she shares deeply personal snapshots of what it was like for God to rescue her soul and life from situations often hazardous, humiliating, and traumatizing. 

Thankfully, she doesn’t fail to bless readers also with the truth of joyous relief and transformation found in trusting the Lord to heal battered self-perspective. This series promises to bring readers a clearer understanding of the complete restoration process and power only God supplies when we cast our cares and burdens upon Him. Sharon assures everyone that lasting hope and healing awaits all those who will receive it from God – The Faithful Father.

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38 Pages


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The Faithful Father Part I Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

I love the message given in the new book, Part I of The Faithful Father which shares the author’s personal conflicts as an adult caused by childhood isolation and abuse done to her by a trusted teacher. She bravely shares her journey of faith and trust in God to overcome the pain of her past that led to self loathing and hatred of who she had become. She goes deep into the difficulty of approaching God and living by the authority given believers in Christ for healing and restoration. 

   Through her experience Christians learn how to subdue the flesh to live by the Spirit of God through Christian mind renewal from Roman’s 12:2 that transforms the soul with God’s Word. We watch her go through the trials of the flesh to the training of the soul to become fine-tuned by God for His purpose. We also see through her victories that we can overcome in Christ those areas of weakness in our lives that have come through abuse, confusion, our environments and family cultures. At the conclusion her readers learn that God does not see His children as we see ourselves, but instead as righteous through Christ Jesus!

   This short book explodes with Biblical empowerment concerning Jesus’ work on the cross to save believers from eternal death and to lead them out of the darkness of sin.  None of us can come to Christ knowing how to be a successful Christian, but Sharon’s testimony proves the truth of God’s restorative Word with 50 years of life experience and victory over whatever has tried to make her fail and keep her from the authority of Christ Jesus to conquer and win.

   John 8:12 says, “Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.” The Faithful Father Part 1 teaches how to follow this light and live it daily as a “new creation” and part of a “new nationality” in Christ. Author Sharon Palmer proves with her life that Jesus came to light the way for every person to be washed in His shed blood and be saved from eternal damnation. Read this book if you need healing, peace and abundant joy! 


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About The Author

Visit her website at: Palmer Faith Books.

Sharon Palmer

Sharon Palmer is an intercessor, writer, and grateful recipient of the manifold mercies of Jesus Christ. Her many interests include Bible teaching, singing, podcast recording, and producing. She uses her writing talent to write short books that give a powerful message on specific Bible subjects.  

Miss Palmer received Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in 1974 and has since experienced more than 47 years of His ongoing transformation process in her life. She is a widow, stepmother, and triumphant survivor of childhood molestation.  

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