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The Well-Watered Life By Todd L. Shuler!

The Art Of Building Faith In God For Success In Life

Todd L. Schuler Leads His Readers Through An Exciting Journey Of Growing Faith, Great Blessings and Following God's Best! 

The Well-Watered Life

The well-watered life

By Todd L. Schuler

Learn to move forward with God through the difficult times of their life. Based upon his reflection and meditations concerning Abraham's son Isaac.  

Reflecting God's love throughout, He teaches being led by the power of the Holy Spirit to move forward with God successfully out of the desert of your life.

The Well-Watered Life gives direction for believers to live by the Biblical ethics that are not practiced in our society as they once were.  It directs the reader to the basics of prayer, how to seek God and hear His guidance.    

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The Well-Watered Life 

by Todd L. Shuler

The Well-Watered Life by Todd L. Shuler is a book for all levels of Christian faith.  It's a well-written and well researched examination of the life of Abraham and his descendants.  The reader receives an-depth look at what happens in our lives and how the failures or successes of a father can be passed down to future generations of his family. However, this not not mean that children are stuck within the generational flaws of a parent.            

The book recognizes the trials and tribulations of life, but gives the hope of victory using examples from the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob about how they dealt with life's problems. The author's complex introspection into their lives and their relationship with God and how it affected their decisions in their everyday living, gives us insight for how we can incorporate their experiences into a guide for successful Christian living and building faith. 

As Todd continues to guide us on this journey he gives us simple yet direct examples of how even when you're in the driest desert of your life there is a way of finding spiritual water that will bring you out of the desert and into the bloom that is only available to someone who continually seeks the water. 

The Well-Watered Life shows that seeking the water is only possible by doing your own work. You can't find water if you don't dig a well. That's how we build our faith by doing the work to dig the well. And if the well gets damaged due to circumstances, then you dig another one. I appreciated Todd's clear analogies to not give up because faith has to be cultivated just like in the days of Isaac. And he shows us how to go about cultivating and building that faith.

The many messages shared are faith building and point to one important objective; that following God must be a full time ambition, rather than something we do around our other endeavors.  However, in so doing we will be greatly blessed by God as we follow His will.  We also learn how to pray and set up a routine so that prayer and receiving answers to prayer will be a natural state of occurrence. 

This inspiring book will not only teach you how to grow your faith, but it will also bring peace to the reader showing that there is hope, and that the solution to conquer one's fears and problems is easy to obtain through faith and simple faith works. Todd reminds us of the truths of faith as in John 4:14: "But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life."

The Well-Watered Life will surely help you to be filled by the Holy Spirit, which flows like a river of life from the heart.

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Todd Shuler 

Todd L. Shuler is an internationally known management consultant, speaker, ordained minister, teacher and author. Todd brings a background of management consulting and business and IT Strategy and Implementation for both the private and public sectors, having worked for Deloitte and Ernst & Young. 

He also previously worked for On Assignment, Citizant, Texas Instruments, and Bank of America. Mr. Shuler is also a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces. Todd graduated from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems and a minor in Japanese Language and Literature. 

Todd is passionate about discovering God's Will for his life as well as connecting people to God, to their purpose, and to others. He and his wife Evette have three wonderful children.

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