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By Margaret Lukasik

The Unwanted Book I is the first in a series of books written by science fiction writer Daniel Carter. The complete series, called the G-6 Chronicles, is available for reading. See below for Daniel's website for more information. His site is a visual treat with much information about his books and other information.

The unwanted Book I Christian science fiction book

Facts About The Book

Genre - SciFi/Paranormal

Published May 10, 2010

The Unwanted
Book Review by Margaret Lukasik

I found The Unwanted, by Daniel Carter, an interesting mix of science fiction and Christian faith. The two working together created a phenomenal story as well as a strong message of courage and strength.

Following the main characters, or the unwantedas they were called, I was led through a captivating tale of children, saved at birth from a horrific fate and led to safety until the time comes to face their enemy who will stop at nothing to see them destroyed. How and why the children live under a cloak of ominous danger throughout the story leaves the reader guessing, but the one truth that remains clear is the presence of God in their lives. As they grow in God simultaneously with the strange changes taking place in their lives that separate them from the world, they focus upon God's love and ability to help them adjust to the differences they must endure.

How true this is for many people of all walks of life who are made to feel unacceptable because of the differences those around them find impossible to tolerate. Yet, God's hand is always outstretched through His Son Jesus Christ to take us by the hand and guide us into His family with love, forgiveness and acceptance. It was this love that many times helped the unwanted cope, endure and prevail in their struggles to live normal lives.

While Daniel Carter's Christian background certainly influenced the story, his artistic skills through his writing painted a vibrant picture of a city turned chaotic. As the unwanted do battle to save their lives and stop the threat of destruction to life as we know it, I felt as if I were present, cheering them on to victory as they fought against evil and maneuvered in and out of imminent danger. This was a powerful story filled with action, mystery, suspense and excitement as each of the children developed their skills and abilities.

I highly recommend this unique science fiction paranormal novel. It's a great story that will keep you riveted all the way to the end! I also believe it's a great book for young people to have a great time in this imaginary world that exists within "The G-6 Chronicles" while they are inspired to trust God for their lives and the goals set before them. If you're looking for something different to read, get The Unwanted,Book I of this exciting series!

Summary by Author Daniel Carter

- An explosion shatters the night sky...

Smoke and flames erupt over the city of Chicago. FBI Agent Nick Catlin watches helplessly as their only lead straps on a glider and leaps off a high rooftop, soaring toward Lake Michigan. They've lost him, again. The crime scenes always fit the same pattern--five babies are among the casualties. Fourteen months later, though, in New York, no infant bodies are found. Nick's gut tells him the killer was somehow interrupted in his work and won't stop until he tracks down those children and finishes what he started.

Oklahoma rancher Leigh Barrus is barely making ends meet when his estranged niece, Janet, shows up at his ranch with five babies in tow. The terrifying tale she tells him about genetic experiments is only the beginning of the shocking truths.

- What The Unwanted Readers are saying:

Kept me guessing what would happen next. I was hooked! CHASE VON, author of Pink, Blue and Green, Your Chance To Hear The Last Panther Speak.

Riveting and on-the-edge-of-your-seat exciting. SUSAN PETTRONE,

One of the most imaginative works of the genre I've ever read. BRUCE JUDISCH, author of Katia, A Prophet's Tale: Book 1, The Journey Begun, Book 2, The Word Fulfilled.



The Unwanted Book I by Daniel Carter
Daniel Carter


DANIEL L. CARTER Born and raised in New York State, Daniel has always enjoyed Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories. Some of his favorite authors include Robert Aspirin and Stephen R. Donaldson. Having studied at Elim Bible Institute and Hudson Valley Bible School, he found himself fascinated with heavenly realms and spiritual principalities. So a journey began to create a world through story that would bring a new vision of the universe we live in..

The G-6 Chronicles opens up a new paranormal fantasy world that will appeal to many ages.

Daniel and his wife, Margo, reside in Western New York.


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