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By Margaret Lukasik

The new Christian Inspirational Fiction Novel, The Day The World Retreated by Jim Armstrong is now available! See my review below.

The Day The World Retreated by Jim armstrong


The Day The World Retreated Book Review

By Margaret Lukasik

If you love a riveting story that offers intrigue, mystery and romance, Jim Armstrong's, The Day The world Retreated is for you.  It's a thrilling book that offers one exciting surprise after another.  However Jim saves the best for last with one of the most powerful and beautiful conclusions to a story I have ever read.

The story begins in the year 1894 with a strange occurrence in the life of an important doctor living in Paris, France and then transitions to the year 2016 amidst the chaos and rioting of the decaying environment of the United States. Here is where Dr. Cameron Decker is introduced as a woman-chasing and ambitious middle-aged man who is on the periphery of living above the law for the rest of his life. The success of his new direction depends upon his remaining above suspicion on His flight to Dallas, Texas in order to become a part of the elite class of society. The risk he takes is enormous with even the wrong expression on his face being the cause of arrest.

While the mystery is building over Dr. Decker's situation, the story suddenly and smoothly shifts back in time to Dallas, Texas in the year 1972 to a boy who is brutally beaten and almost choked to death by his father. Fortuitously the boy escapes, but not without a wounded heart that far outweighs the physical damage he was left to endure. Carl Winters Jr. never looks back as he rides with the wind on his bicycle to a new life, but is he really safe? There is more abuse in his future, but none worse than his own undoing through his ambitious desire to get revenge at all costs until the much older Carl makes a strange and mysterious discovery that leads him to the greatest part of his life by the grace of God.

Just as Carl discovers his heart and the success that has eluded him throughout his life, Dr. Decker's heartless ambition threatens to use Carl's true destiny for his ultimate rise in power. Whether or not the doctor succeeds at turning Carl into a mere scientific subject it is certain that God has given Carl Winters a most blessed gift that holds the power to change the world.

I found Jim's writing skills an asset to the story shifting from the technical side of his characters to a spiritual depth that brings life to the ultimate plot of the story.  I highly recommend this wonderful example of Christian inspirational fiction to anyone who enjoys a great story that includes a strong Christian message. However, I believe this story has special appeal for all readers.

About Jim Armstrong:

Jim is a native Texan, who has spent most of his life in the Dallas, TX area. He is an avid sci-fi fan, technologist, and futurist. His general interest in science and technology began with the space program in the 1960s, which led to studies in math and science in college, eventually culminating with a degree in Math and a minor in Aerospace Engineering.

He became interested in writing fiction in high school and wrote/copyrighted two sequels to Star Wars. Needless to say, George Lucas was not interested. Nevertheless, his writing interests continued and he enjoys authoring fictional stories about the near future that contain a moral or object lesson. His favorite modern author is Clive Cussler, his favorite movie is The Matrix, and his favorite sport is tennis. Mr. Armstrong attends Berean Memorial Church in Irving, TX.

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