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Empowering Christian Inspiration that leads to a deep and compelling Christian growth, One New Dudette is a book of great life-changing importance as one learns how to identify with Christ.  

The author, Jeff Zahorsky, focuses upon the spiritual truth that Christians need to discover their true identity in Christ.  He gives 7 reasons why you should allow God to change your thinking. This is a great book for young people to start off their lives "the right way."   

Click Here To Visit Jeff's Blog or download a Kindle copy of this Exciting Christian Inspiration How-to Book in a few minutes!  Jeff also wrote a book for becoming a new Dude to understand your true identity in Christ.

One New Dudette Review

Christian Inspiration 
by Margaret Lukasik

Many Christians are faithful to attend church with their Bibles in tow, their notebooks and pens in hand with a ready heart for learning new information about living the successful Christian lifestyle. However, once it's time to return home, it's also time to face everyday life with all the problems it can bring.  The question is, are those problems going to be turned into victorious situations by means of God's Word or are they going to become personal challenges that are met with defeat?

As a Christian teacher and life coach I've become a collector of Christian inspiration and Christian growth information that changes lives today, not in some undisclosed time in the future.  We're living in a fast paced world where people are busy working, taking care of family and just trying to catch a breath to keep up! 

There's no time for waiting around with some false hope that God is going to intervene and take us away from all the rat-race of living.  What Christians need is a message that's going to make a change in their lives beginning today by teaching them responsibility to the Word, the God kind of faith and the means by which we can rest in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, rather than fighting throughout each day just to survive.  

This is why I'm excited to share the new Christian growth book, One New Dudette, by author Jeff Zahorsky.  I believe and have seen firsthand how Jeff's book is life-changing today.  With it's seven solid reasons to change your mind and your life, it invites the reader through clear instruction how to easily turn the key and open the door to God's truth and blessings.  You won't have to spend hours, months or even years trying to figure out how to please God.  You're going to learn what to do by living your true identity in Christ right away without having to wonder throughout the book if you're good enough to receive all the great benefits Jeff reveals from God's Word.

Throughout his writing, Jeff never ceases to speak about how much God loves us and how by grace we are heirs to all the blessings the Bible promises--not just a few but all of God's blessings--because of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross.  No more stress or fear that you can't make it with God.  You can stop hoping that someday you'll be good enough for God to bless you because you're going to learn that you've already been blessed!  Becoming a new Dudette means living the transformation from sin consciousness to your new nature in Christ.  No more guilt, worry and doubt! You can live in the assurance that you are the "righteousness of God" today!

Jeff's writing is from a position of God's love.  That quality built great credibility for me as I continued to read his book because God's love shining through us is part of living the Christian life.  I look for that quality in Christian writers because it tells me that they are doers of the Word, not just sharing information for the sake of writing a book.  It's with this profound love of God that a Christian writer can honestly reach his audience and really touch their hearts as Jeff did mine!  

If you want to see great changes in your Christian life, let Jeff Zahorsky show you how to become "One New Dudette!"   

About The Author Jeff Zahorsky

Jeff Zahorsky

Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1968, Jeff Zahorsky was born to Irish and Slovak parents. As a young adult, he led an exciting life of  traveling the world while in the United States Navy. He served in the military for over 6 years, including a one boots-on-the-ground tour in Iraq. 

He has a technology background, holding a Certificate of Biomedicine from Boston University. He became a Christian on the flight deck of Navy warship while serving in Pearl Harbor, HI.  Jeff continues to share God's grace through his ongoing writings.   

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