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The Book, Masterpiece By Charter Road Promises Great Mystery and Romance

Masterpiece By Charter Road

About MASTERPIECE by Charter Road

Rane Rivers gets into a fight with his British wife, Haley, and walks out on her. Determined to save her marriage, the detective tracks him down by using a scientific device he gave her as a wedding gift.  Only when she finds him he doesn't remember her.

Through a series of mishaps, they get caught up in a homicide case that somehow ties in with the British Intelligence.  The mystery becomes more  baffling as Haley follows up on a lead from a playing card.  While snooping around in an art gallery, she and her husband get caught up in a realm of virtual reality and discover a deadly plot against Rane.  To escape, they must trust God's love to save them and their marriage.

Book Genre:  Mystery/Romance/Fantasy/Fiction

Ministry:  Charter Road

Margaret Lukasik's Book Review Of Masterpiece By Charter Road


The author of Masterpiece has done an admirable job of blending Christian faith with not only a "who done it mystery," but also a romantic science fiction/fantasy theme. The story is set in the near future and takes us on a journey with a young married couple who while trying to find a suspected kidnapper, uncover intrigue and corruption that ultimately lead them to a revelation they never thought possible.

Rane, the Irish husband, is dealing with his loss of memory when the story begins. His wife Haley is an accomplished police detective, who at the young age of twenty-one already has a reputation of cracking cases that no one else can solve. When asked about her amazing ability she quickly admits she relies on God to give her the answers. Throughout the book whenever Haley needs help or direction she always asks God to guide and protect her and her husband. Rane on the other hand is unsure of his relationship with his newly found wife. When she tells him they were in the process of getting a divorce, he can only remember things one piece at a time including his relationship with God. We see a young man whose heart wants to believe, but his mind and memory loss keeps him stumbling.

Adding to the excitement of Masterpiece are the devices that Rane has created but has no memory of. His wife, however, uses his Nano bot, which can be a teleportation device, a particle accelerator and a gun, to name a few abilities, to save them from the nemeses of their investigation. Rane is at first unbelieving of the things the little robot can do and his wife Haley is careful not to overwhelm him with too much information. Throughout the story you can see Rane become more confident and assertive in dealing with the robot's abilities. As the pieces of his memory fill in and he starts to remember, he shrugs off his rough, street-wise persona and regains his faith in God, allowing him to be led by prayer as his wife does.

The author is adept at developing the love between the estranged couple as Rane's memory loss completely crushes Haley. It is only with her unwavering faith in God that she continues to ignore his callous remarks and slowly helps him to remember who he is and their love together. Her faith in God also remains strong as she negotiates each challenge that she comes to. It is interesting to see the growth of Rane with the gentle love that Haley has for him. As he progresses in his knowledge of worldly scientific things his wife patiently re-teaches him the faith that he lost and reminds him that he is a king because he is created in God's image. As Rane's memory emerges we see how he learns to use his faith to live a life of joy and forgiveness.

Masterpiece is a great book about faith and love. It is also a wonderful book for all readers including the adolescent reader who loves romance, science fiction/fantasy mysteries with a Christian influence. I especially appreciated the author's ability to weave Haley's faith into her everyday duties in police investigation as a normal routine; she always said a prayer but didn't make a big production of it. There were a few times when she forgot to ask for guidance, but when she remembers to ask, she always receives. The love Haley has for her husband is heartwarming. Even when she has a terrible revelation about him, she remains true to him. Her love, like her faith, also doesn't waiver in the face of adversity. The book is entertaining and a joy to read. I looked forward to finding out the resolution of their mystery and was absolutely shocked to learn the ending. It caught me completely off-guard! The book is truly a masterpiece for all to enjoy.

Author Biography

Masterpiece By Charter Road Biography

Sherre Chappell enjoys the freedom and excitement of creativity.  She's been writing under the pseudonym of Charter Road since 2003.  God then directed her to start a nonprofit creative arts ministry in 2005 called Charter Road Productions Inc.  Sherre not only acts for her ministry but for her local church as well.  

She loves cats.  Her favorite thing to do is spend time with the Lord.  She routinely goes out on a prayer walk and afterward dedicates time to studying the Word of God.  Sherre ministers prophetically with her ministry partner Phyllis Baines, president of Not by Might.  She was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana and has been married for 32 years.  Sherre now resides with her husband in Suisun City, California.

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  • Perfect Paperback: 408 pages
  • Publisher: Tate Publishing (August 30, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1617397334
  • ISBN-13: 978-1617397332