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About the Book, Heaven and the Angels By Harold Armstrong Baker (1881-1971) 

Armstrong was an American author and also missionary to Tibet from 1911 to 1919. From 1919 to 1950 he served in China as well in missions.  However, he and his wife, Josephine, were forced to leave the mainland for Taiwan and lived there until his death in 1971. 

The Bakers started Adullam Rescue Mission for street children in the Yunnan Province of  China. These children had a revival during which they had visions of heaven, Paradise, angels, and even hell.  These visions were recounted in Baker's book Visions Beyond the Veil.  Heaven and the Angels, includes information from the orphan boys' visions, but also includes accounts from many people from around the world during the past two centuries who had dreams, visions, and angelic visits right here on Earth.

Christian Growth

Always Enough

"Always Enough" by Rolland and Heidi Baker

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God's Supernatural Power

"God's Supernatural Power" by Bobby Conner

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Make Room For Your Miracle

"Make Room for Your Miracle" by Mahesh & Bonnie Chavda

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Releasing Heaven On Earth

"Releasing Heaven on Earth" by Alistair Petrie

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The Power of Impartation

"There Is More, Reclaiming The Power Of Impartation," by Randy Clark

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Christian Inspiration

Worship As It Is In Heaven

"Worship as it is in Heaven" by John Dickson and Chuck D. Pierce 

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Revealing Heaven

"Revealing Heaven" by Kat Kerr Revealing

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Revealing Heaven II

"Revealing Heaven II" by Kat Kerr

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God's Favorite House

"God's Favorite House" by Tommy Tenney

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"Heaven" by Randy Alcorn

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