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By Margaret Lukasik

The Great Battle Has Begun Introduction I'm excited to announce The Great Battle Has Begun by Dr. Kelly Bowring, best selling author of "The Secrets, Chastisement, and Triumph" which was honored as "Book of the Year."

This is the author's second book on the subject of the latter times.  This book can prove to be one of great enlightenment and inspiration to form a deeper relationship with God and to give daily prayer for the salvation of the lost.  

This message is a part of my site's theme which is to live our salvation to the fullest in order to work with God on behalf of those in the world who are lost. 

General Information

  • Complete Book Title:  "The Great Battle Has Begun: How to Approach the End of Our Times with Peace"
  • Genre:  Biblical Commentary on Revelation
  • Date Published: 1/31/13
  • Publisher:  Two Hearts Press, LLC
  • Bookstores:  Available at and Barnes & Noble


About The Great Battle Has Begun 

The Great Battle Has Begun There are many studies from the Bible designed to bring Christian inner growth and wisdom, yet, there is so little information that brings a clear understanding of the Book of Revelation.  However, in his new book, The Great Battle Has Begun, author Kelly Bowring highlights this often misunderstood book to shed light on God's divine plan for peace in the world.  

Kelly has given much time and research for accuracy to make his book creditable, enlightening, and a work that is easy for Christians from all walks of life to understand and follow. Using scripture to back his words and prophesy backed by credible sources he details the coming events of the last great battle as described in the Book of Revelation.   

The book reveals how Heaven is telling us that we are the generation of the fulfillment of the biblical prophecies of the latter times.

Review Of The Great Battle Has Begun

By Margaret Lukasik (author of Victory Bible Studies)

In his new book, The Great Battle Has Begun, Dr. Kelly Bowring gives clarity to the Book of Revelation, which for many Christians holds great mystery and fear. Yet it is the book of the Bible which enlightens the world concerning what is to come and how to avoid destruction.  Dr. Bowring's book makes clear that we can no longer overlook the Book of Revelations, it's prophesies and heavenly messages about the latter times event. We are in those times and we need to become enlightened, trained and ready to face what is ahead!  But we don't have to do it alone.  Those of us who lack knowledge and understanding regarding this subject can now walk in the light of God's truths for the assurance of victory.  After reading the book I feel empowered to know where I need to increase my spiritual strength and ability in order to grow in my walk with God and continually abide in Him to help spread the Gospel and share this message.      

I admire Dr. Bowring for the meticulous documentation of his work and his sincere love of the church and all humanity.  His writing reflects a gentle soul who brilliantly shares his message not with gloom and doom, but of peace through God's love and scriptural instruction to overcome the tribulation and suffering that will be upon the earth and all those who do not turn to God with all their hearts.  Humbly he begins his book with the request that the reader keep an open mind to his words.  I was ready with great eagerness to read everything he had to say and prove.  The book went beyond my expectations!  I encourage all Christians to read this book as well as those who are not yet saved.  The Great Battle Has Begun, will give you encouragement, hope and great purpose as well as direction for serving God, for prayer and for reflecting God's love to help save the lost.  

It's clear Dr. Bowring wrote The Great Battle Has Begun out of a great love for God and His church.  For anyone with just a hint of confusion about the Book of Revelation this is a "must have" book.  But don't just read it and put it on a shelf. Read it over and over until you get God's instruction for the latter times into your heart.  Follow those instructions, using The Great Battle Has Begun as a guidebook to help you remain in the faith and in your place within God's will.  As you do, you will understand, as Dr. Bowring points out, that you will be untouched by what is to come.  

At the end of the book, Dr. Bowring leaves his readers with a beautiful message.  He inspires the heart with the words that our Lord, Jesus Christ wants to begin the restoration of His Peace now, in this initial phase through you, through your life of holiness and self-giving.  Reading his book was an experience that will bless me for the rest of my life.  It is also an experience that I desire to share with others.   

It's important to note that Dr. Kelly has put much time, research and study into the Book of Revelation.  He wrote another book on the subject titled, The Secrets, Chastisement, and Triumph (Two Hearts Press, 2009).  It was a best-selling 'Book of the Year.'  In this book he discusses the big picture of the whole unfolding of the latter times.  For more information I invite you to go to the author's Website Pages. 



About Dr. Kelly Bowring

Dr. Kelly Bowring Dr. Kelly Bowring is a Catholic theologian and popular speaker, who received his doctorate from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Rome); his licentiate from the Dominican House and the John Paul II Institute (Washington DC) while working at the US Bishops Office; and his masters from Franciscan University of Steubenville (Ohio). He has the Church's mandatum to teach theology.
Dr. Bowring has been a dean, chair, and professor of theology at the Graduate School of Theology at St. Charles Seminary, Southern Catholic College, and St. Mary's College of Ave Maria University.

He and his wife, Diana, have eight children and live in Atlanta, GA.  

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