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Review For The New Christian Growth Book by Edward Mrkvicka, The Gospel Of  "IF"

The Gospel Of If

About The Gospel of IF by Edward Mrkvicka

THE SECRET GOSPEL OF 'IF' Lost in the text of the Bible is The Gospel of "IF," a biblical doctrine that will determine where you spend eternity. It was never meant to be a "secret;" rather it became a secret with the passage of time and the decline of man. 

Proving the point, The Gospel of "IF" has been preached since the time of Christ, but chances are you've never heard of it. Just how important is the Gospel to your spiritual life and eternity? Let's put it this way - Satan will do everything in his power to ensure you never read this book.

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Book Review by Margaret Lukasik

Christian Growth Book, The Gospel of "IF"

By Edward Mrkvicka

If you need a Christian growth book to inspire you to overcome the dangers of not leading a Christian life, The Gospel of "IF" is for you. Edward Mrkvicka, the author, does not give any consideration to the modern Biblical interpreters who think they can modify the Bible to fit the needs of the modern preacher. Instead he focuses on the strict reading of each verse and has produced a concept of the Bible he calls the gospel of "IF." Gleaning through the Bible he has listed numerous scripture that include the word "if" in the quote. For example, "If you love me keep my commandments" (John 14:15).

The author points to verses where the Christian will receive redemption or healing only if he does something for it; such as believing the verse, having faith to receive it and forgiving as we're told to do in Mark 11:26 in order to receive from God. He also shares verses that imply the word "if" but do not include it so that you can better understand this principle or doctrine.

A line from the book states, "the danger of only knowing what we want to know is all too clear. We can claim forgiveness all we want, but it must be on God's terms." How true that we must read the verses within the context of their meaning rather than making them fit a lifestyle that is opposed to the scriptures. Edward shows the reader that all requests made to God must be made with faith and must be followed by obedience of the believer. In other words God will grant your prayer "IF" you will follow His commandments.

The author also points out that there is no deviation or grey areas when it comes to interpreting scripture because the Bible states what is true for the believer to know and what he must do in order to achieve the goal of going to heaven. We are responsible to act upon what we learn in our Bible studies, we must continue to study, and when we error, we need to ask for forgiveness and repent to remain right with God.

Edward is putting Christians on notice that they are responsible to live the Word of God in its complete truth. While the Bible makes promise after promise for believers, he makes the point that they all come with conditions that many of us ignore. The author's sincere desire is that Christians will start reading the Bible with a whole new and enlightened perspective. This no nonsense, hard hitting book is for those who want to know the full meaning of what it is to be a Christian and who believe in the entirety of the Bible, not just a few convenient scriptures. The Gospel of "IF" will help Christians get past the mentality of going to church on Sunday and then doing whatever they want the rest of the week.

This well-written Christian growth book will help you understand your responsibility to living God's Word as it was written. I encourage you to get this new book that will open the door for you to make God's Word a life-long study that will change your life as you live it. It will give you confidence of your salvation based upon Romans 10:9, by following the qualifiers or "if" standards for that verse if you haven't already, and you will know the scriptures so deeply that you will never be confused about what the Bible says or what others tell you about it.

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About the Author...

The Sin Of Forgiveness Author Edward Mrkvicka

Edward Mrkvicka is a lay minister and counselor, and life-long Bible student. His religious writings have been awarded Best Christian Book of the Year, Best Christian Study of the Year, named a National Best Book Awards finalist, and a winner in the Christian Choice Book Awards. He has also been awarded the prestigious Faith Writers Seal of Approval.      

Ed's ministry is devoted to the absolute truth of the Bible, which is reflected in his Christian life writing. He tries to help all those who ask, especially when their difficulty involves the family. He is so devoted to children and saving marriages that he was awarded a U.S. Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition "in recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community."

Ed lives in rural Illinois with his son Eddie and his daughter Kelly.                                          

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