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Quest For Light - Adventure Of The Magi

Quest For Light - Adventure Of The Magi. Is An Unforgettable Action and Adventure Novel 

This Exciting Christian Action Book by Byron Anderson Is A Book For All Age Groups 

Quest For Light

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Quest For Light - Adventure Of The Magi

Quest For Light - Adventure Of The Magi by Byron Anderson is a Christian adventure novel that is totally based upon scripture.  It gives accurate historical accounts of the era right down to the clothing. The story brings the Magi to life as we join in their harrowing adventure across Persia in search of the one, true God. Appealing to the Magi through His star, God called upon these warrior priests to be among the first people to learn of the Messiah's birth.

This is exciting journey goes along The Silk Road, the first century's information super-highway where the soldiers, merchants, and other travelers whose lives intersect with the Magi and their companions are traveling. The story of the Magi's experience shows why they deserted their families and risked their lives to undertake a long journey in search of a foreign king. Just as we face many obstacles today in coming to know God, the story points out how the Magi's faith and determination enabled them to overcome fierce storms, bandit attacks, and encounters with evil spirits.  A great story for all ages including young adults and teenagers.

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Book Review By Margaret Lukasik...

Quest For Light - Adventure Of The Magi

By Byron Anderson

Quest For Light - Adventure Of The Magi by Byron Anderson is a prefect title that describes this book and its theme. An action and adventure book, it begins with the wealthy Persian high priest of Asdin named Balthasar who is a watcher of the stars. He sees a new star in the heavens and immediately knows that this star is very special. As he realizes its significance, he eventually learns that it indicates the birth of the Messiah referred to in the Hebrew writings. Once he sees the star, Balthasar knows he must immediately confer with his lifelong friend Gaspar who lives in the neighboring province of Shahnaz and who is familiar with the many prophecies attributed to celestial wonders. Both men were known as Magi, those who led their people in spiritual matters which was the most important aspect of Mede life. The men agree they must travel towards the star to find the Messiah and this is where the adventure begins.

The author takes us on the year long journey from Persia to Jerusalem, from outfitting the travelers to the fighting of marauding robbers. The story fills the reader with enough information to make one feel as if they are reading a true account of the trials and tribulations of making a trip in this time period. Byron Anderson builds his story around the trip as he develops the characters who accompany the Magi on this unique quest to meet and worship the new Messiah. As they travel though the different regions they meet new people and have to get protection from local militia men who are either paid or are protecting other caravans that they will join. This brings them into contact with other cultures they are able to get along with and accept.

Rather than be confrontational, the author shows that by using acceptance, good will and humor they are able to avoid conflicts and successfully negotiate themselves through difficult circumstances. When the caravan is attacked, the Magi use their previous warrior skills from other conflicts to defeat their attackers. When the fighting is over, however, they show compassion on their attackers by saving the lives of the wounded robbers. They treat their wounds and instead of killing them, take the captured marauders to the next local town even though it means feeding and guarding them for many days. The conflicts are skillfully portrayed by the author showing a great understanding of strategy, making the attacks intriguing to read.

Throughout the journey, the Magi are praying to their God, Ahura Mazda, for protection and guidance, so they don't really understand completely why this quest is so compelling to them. Meeting and joining another lifelong friend and Magi, Melchor, a trader who travels the same roads because he also has seen the star, they share their concerns. One evening as they sit in their tent, the conversation turns again to why they are following this star, even though it will take them to the Messiah of a different God. They have worshiped their God all of their lives and are high ranking priests of their religion. As Balthasar shares his true feelings to his two friends, he finally realizes he is compelled by an overwhelming sensation of love whenever he looks at the star. This God of the Hebrews is now filling each of them with a benevolent love that they cannot deny. Enlightened by their revelation they now include the God of the Hebrews in their prayers.

A wonderful book, Quest for Light - Adventure of The Magi is an amazing Christian action and adventure novel filled with spiritual enlightenment and moral advice. All readers will appreciate the author's attention to detail making the characters and situations come to life. Although a book of fiction, you close the book thinking, the adventures on this journey could have really happened!

Learn About The Author...

Byron AndersonByron Anderson      


Byron Anderson is a lawyer in Washington, D.C. engaged in government and politics.  While attending seminary, Byron became interested in first century religion and culture in the Middle East. This interest led to his writing the novel and screenplay, Quest for Light - Adventure of the Magi.  

The novel was published by Lighthouse Publishing in August 2010 and is available on and at bookstores.  A former Sunday school teacher of teenage boys, Byron intended for this action-adventure novel to hold the attention of young adults while sharing the theological significance of the Magi's experience.

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Quest for Light - Adventure of the Magi

Book Genre: Action / Adventure / Christian Action and Adventure Novel


Quest for Light: Christian Action and Adventure Novel

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  • Paperback: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Lighthouse Publishing (August 12, 2010)
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