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By Margaret Lukasik

Nuggets Of Gold To Feed The Soul

Get Motivated and Inspired To Live God's Word
 Dr. Joe Judkins, Author Of Nuggets Of Gold To Feed The Soul, Shares Christian Encouragement And Wisdom Based Upon The Word Of God. 

Nuggets Of Gold To Feed The Soul

About The Book...

Nuggets Of Gold To Feed The Soul is written by Dr. Joe Judkins, a man called by God to be an "encourager." He is also Chancellor of the Rapture Ready Seminary where he is helping to win many souls to Christ. 

Dr. Joe was also given the talent to write for the Lord and in so doing, he wrote seven short books over a number of years. However, in 2012, his wife suggested that he combine all seven books into one.  He agreed with her idea and combined all the books so that each book is now a separate chapter.  He titled the book, Nuggets Of Gold To Feed The Soul, a book of wisdom, encouragement and joy.

Joe also writes about his great love and respect for his wife that is interwoven throughout areas of these writings. 

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Book Review...

Nuggets Of Gold To Feed The Sole

By Margaret Lukasik

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the compilation of Christian inspirational writings that author Dr. Joe Judkins has appropriately titled, Nuggets Of Gold To Feed The Soul. It contains seven books that he has written over the years with the invitation for the reader to "take what is appropriate for them at the time." The book includes topics from life issues, to angels, to the validation of God. Not often do we find information about God's Word that is written in such an interesting and diverse means of reading that is sometimes entertaining and at other times a source of guidance and education written in a heart-warming expression of Godly wisdom and truth.

Dr. Joe has a matter-of-fact way of writing that offers life-lessons in just a sentence or two with profound honesty that flows with the truth of God's Word. Part of the author's calling is to encourage others and as I continued to read from chapter to chapter I felt uplifted with the sense that no matter what mistakes we've made in life, we can be forgiven, repent and move forward. So many times throughout his book Dr. Joe reflects God's love and His gift of forgiveness. I've read some books offering Christian instruction that are so discouraging I had to dig my way out of a black hole for a few hours until I could once again see the light of Jesus Christ. There's none of that with Nuggets Of Gold To Feed The Soul. It speaks of God's restoration power, God's grace and His mercy throughout the seven chapters within the book. It also makes you think in many diverse directions that stretches the mind as well as the heart.

Well written, this is a very unique book that offers prayers throughout for different life issues, God's guidance and for understanding after the sections where the author has shared his teachings on specific subjects! After I shared my reading experience with my husband, he noted that this should be a book one should keep handy as reference for daily living like a first aid book for the soul. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about subjects that go deep within the heart and soul and that will really make a positive difference to their life. Read Dr. Joe's book to learn more about how to live successfully, about life in general and about the joy of living a Christian lifestyle.

Biography Of Dr. Joe Judkins

Joe is a Gospel Believer called by the Lord God Almighty to be an encourager. We all have our own special gifts given to us by God for us to use giving God honor, glory, and praise.

Nuggets Of Gold To Feed The Soul Author Dr. Joe Judkins

Dr. Joe Judkins

Dr. Joe Judkins is Chancellor of the Rapture Ready His primary focus is centered upon the Lord God Almighty seeking God's will for his writing or ministering.  The seminary that the Lord entrusted Joe with is winning souls to Jesus Christ and Joe has no problem with soul winning. 

He believes that what a person does will bring blessings or disaster to their life and soul. Mankind and womankind can do or say whatever they so desire but the Lord God Almighty will make the final decision over every soul. 

Joe has degrees in: Associate in Merchandising Management, Bachelor of Management, Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Theology. Joe's ministry is not under the authority of an organization or church but given to him by the Hand of God.  

You can send Joe an e-mail at: joe @ 

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Book Genre

Nonfiction / Religion and Spirituality / Christian Life / Inspirational

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  • Although the book is written for adults, teenagers can understand it.

  • People of different beliefs will be challenged to validate their belief system against Christianity

  • The book is a combination of 7 books Dr. Joe Judkins wrote throughout the years.

  • The book gives progressive insight into the Word at work in His life over the years

  • This "Super-Book" which contains the authors 7 books, is only $2.99.  



Book Facts

Author: Dr. Joe Judkins
Publisher: Smashwords
Published: January 2013 
Genre: Religious/Spirituality
Words: 152,284 (approximate) Language: English