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Food Pantry Guidebook Review

My Food Pantry Guidebook Review For "How Shall We Feed Them?" Describes The Book As A Great Resource For All Churches

Learn How To Take Part In This Important Ministry Or Begin Your Own.

Food Pantry Guidebook Review

ABOUT THE Food Pantry Guidebook by marty girardier

I enjoyed reading "How Shall We Feed Them?" Before my father died, they had both helped to keep their church food pantry filled and organized.  I remember how seriously they both took the job and felt that it was something that had not only helped others, but made them both feel a great sense of purpose and fulfillment.  I didn't realize until I had read Marty's book that this is indeed a ministry in itself.    

Writing this review is a great pleasure and I hope that it helps others to think about starting this type of ministry in their churches in the same capacity. I'm very thankful to author, Martha Girardier for sharing her expertise based upon the hard work of her efforts as  the Cupboards for Christ chairperson at Great Bridge Baptist Church before she left that position to write this book. 

Food Pantry Guidebook Review By Margaret Lukasik

For, "How Shall We Feed Them?" by Mary Girardier

I very much enjoyed reading "How Shall We Feed Them?," written by church food pantry expert, Marty Girardier.  

The book is an invaluable resource for churches no matter how large or small in size, they will be a vital part of their communities by offering this important ministry.  Marty also suggests that through her experiences she has found this to be a two-fold ministry that should not be overlooked--especially during difficult economic times.  She states that although we can be a blessing to those in need of food for their families, church food pantries are also a means by which God can bring financial increase as members commit to help others according to Luke 6:38.

She shares many inspirational stories about meeting the needs of the hungry in local communities while offering a practical food pantry guide to inspire churches and Christian organizations to revitalize food pantries in order to make them a blessing to their church body and communities.

If you're interested in this ministry for your church, Marty offers a "Food Pantry Tools" section that is based upon her successful experience.  I really loved this part of the book because it's written in an easy, concise manner that gives ideas, a food pantry action plan, a check-off list, contribution sign-up and much more. 

This book is a "must-read" for all Christians because each of us is responsible to get involved with our local church food pantry system as a layperson or a church leader.  We can volunteer to help out or be one that donates or brings in donations.  Whatever the case, Marty's book will give you the direction you need. 

About The Author...

Martha Girardier

Marty Girardier

"Marty Girardier was called by God to revitalize the food pantry ministry at Great Bridge Baptist Church in 2004.   She felt led in the year 2008 to write about how God had directed her to organize the food pantry. Currently she is the food pantry liaison for Hickory Ridge Community Church and Great Bridge Baptist Church, who work together to help feed those in need. Marty talks about this God directed church transition in "How Shall We Feed Them?" that was newly released in February 2010.

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