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By Margaret Lukasik

CrossCurrents by Harry James Fox
The Christian living book, CrossCurrents - Making Sense of the Christian Life, by Harry James Fox, gives a bold critique of contempory acceptance of the declining Christian ethic which has given way to a lower standard for Christian scripture and understanding of God from a Biblical point-of-view instead of man's interpretation. 

The issues James addresses are pinpointed with clarity in order to provide Christians with a great  understanding in those areas of their lives where they need to strengthen their relationship with God. 

The book concludes with an innovative treatment of theological issues with a view toward healing problems dividing the people of God.    

General Information

  • Book Title:  CrossCurrents: Making Sense Of The Christian Life
  • Genre: Non-fiction / Christian Living, Contemporary Issues
  • Date Published:  Soon 
  • Publisher: = Foxware Publishing LLC

Review Of CrossCurrents

By Margaret Lukasik

There are so many books on the subject of religion and Christianity that try to make a new and controversial statement about the meaning or interpretation of the Bible. One only has to browse the bookstores to get a dizzying assortment of new authors trying to make a name for themselves with their "new way" of seeing the "real meaning" of what we need to know about God's Word. This is what makes the new Christian living book, CrossCurrents - Making Sense of the Christian Life by Harry James Fox, so unique and important. It's heartening to find an author willing to take on these new age philosophers and self-ordained teachers of new revelation. With his Biblical knowledge he dissects their grandiose statements of the "new" real meaning of the Bible and restores the faith of the reader in the timeless, unchanging truths the Bible gives us.

Author Harry James not only rebuts the statements with his own knowledge, he gives us numerous books to review that back his contentions about the misinterpretations. He studies each of the new statements and new age views put forth by religious authors carefully, outlining them and then breaking them down to their basic meaning, refuting the interpretations by quoting the scriptures' full account on each subject. By careful examination and scrutiny the author is able to show us where the new ideas come from as well as where the new age author has obtained his information or how the conclusion was formed. The reader is never left lost. Every effort is made to inform him in detail of where the author has obtained his information. Again each statement is footnoted so the reader can verify for himself the correctness of the statements made.

Harry Fox includes several topics popular for the new age writers to expound on including God's reasons for allowing the faithful to endure pain and suffering, and allowing children to die from disease or accident. Delving deeply into this subject he gives us insight, helping the reader to understand God's plan and our purpose. God's timelessness is examined in depth as he dissects many concepts of time, and one by one refutes them with scientific findings and theological dissertations. This fascinating examination of the concept of time will truly engage you in introspective thought.

For anyone who wants to go deeper into the meaning of life through God's Word, this well-written and easy to follow Christian Living book is a great read!

About CrossCurrents Author, Harry James Fox

Harry James Fox

Harry James "Jim" Fox has a Ph.D. in Theology, and has served as Elder, Pastor, Missionary and Seminary Teacher. He currently serves as an Elder of Calvary Baptist Church in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

A Little Background

A few years after his marriage to his wife Carroll, his wife of nearly 44 years, both became active in a small church in Arizona, and have actively served Christ together ever since.  They have two sons, Tim and Mark, who are both committed Christians.  Visit Jim's webpage

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