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Becoming Holy, Written by Fountain Hendricks
Learn To Transition From Practicing Christian Ethics To Living A Godly Character. 

A Little About The Book

Becoming Holy, written by Fountain Hendricks, is a tool for giving instruction and guidance to achieve the standard that Jesus teaches in the New Testament about living a life pleasing to God.

He also teaches that the transformation is inward rather than outward and shares wisdom on how to achieve the position of holiness and develop a Godly character. This does not happen all at once, but over time because it's a process. Becoming Holy breaks the boundaries and limitations of modern traditionalism.

Fountain tells us that the process of becoming holy is realizing who you are, then allowing God to break and destroy that old character in order to be resurrected in Christ according to God's will and purpose. The pursuit and achievement of holiness qualifies you to be a disciple for the Lord.

1 Peter 1:15-17 says "But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; Because it is written: Be ye holy; for I am holy".

Becoming Holy Book Review

Review by Margaret Lukasik

Author and Christian teacher Fountain Hendrick's new book, Becoming Holy, addresses an issue little talked about within the Christian community, which is why we should strive to be holy by accepting the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. The book makes clear the necessity for Christians to get serious about their commitment to God and begin living by the standards set within scripture rather than worldly values. I quickly realized after reading the first chapter that the book is a guide and teaching tool to help bring honesty to Christians who say they are believers, yet are not patterning their lives upon the example and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Fountain doesn't preach at the reader, yet with boldness and strength he shares Biblical wisdom about the way many Christians are living today because of the watered-down doctrines of many Christian churches that are opposed to God's standards. I have seen this truth in my own church experience as I searched many years ago with much difficulty for a church willing to teach the integrity of God's Word rather than the philosophies of men. This must change if God's people are going to win over the world for Christ and I believe that Becoming Holy is a great source needed to make the transition from worldly to Godly. Fountain informs the reader that holiness is the realization that pride is the stumbling block to each of us reaching our goals. How true this is even in the lives of many Christians who are so filled with pride that they never give God the glory for all He is doing in their lives and will continue to do. Instead their pride takes credit for God's gifts and blessings which is a bad testimony for Christ.

I very much admire Fountain Hendricks. Before his commitment to serving God, he lived a life directed toward having his material needs met at the cost of living a Holy lifestyle. However, once he heard God's voice instructing him to teach God's people how to become Holy, he willingly took that first step with God. On his own, he listened, obeyed and began living holy. He went through the difficulties and ups and downs many Christians go through when they begin to live a true life of Christ, so he knows what Christians go through when they make the transition from a secular life to living a holy life in Christ.

When I look to Christian leaders for wisdom or information about inner change it's important to me that they have first lived what they say and have proved a successful outcome of it with their own lives. It can't be someone else's experience or teachings. Unless it has been a reality for their life, they can't teach it! Fountain has gone the long run with God from where he was in his early twenties when he first heard God's voice to where he is today because he set aside his own agenda and turned to God's ways in order to become Holy himself. His obedience to God has opened a door that has allowed God to dwell in his heart and direct Him in the ways he should go. For me, these are his greatest credentials for teaching God's people and encouraging them to live holy lives.

Becoming Holy is great source of teaching others that every Christian can be humbled before God to ask forgiveness for the mistakes they've made and then follow Him out of their darkness into the light of His Word to become Holy rather than a slave to sin. It also brings understanding for living that standard. If you want to learn how to become strong in Jesus Christ in order to find the pathway to Holiness, let Becoming Holy be your guide. You'll learn how to live a consecrated life by taking the various steps the author gives on how to embrace a holy life and live it!


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Biography Of Fountain Hendricks

Becoming Holy Author Fountains Hendricks

Fountain Hendricks

Fountain Hendricks was born in Chicago, IL. He was raised in a Christian household. He was a young man driven by worldly morality which prevented him from living underneath the power of the Holy Ghost. Through experience and many failures he has gained understanding and knowledge on how to exhibit Godly character. Going to church became a ritual for him but God never became the center focus of his life until he had a "Damascus" moment in his mid-twenties. The Lord spoke to Fountain in a loud voice through his transition of condition. After being isolated from love ones, betrayed by those whom he was familiar with and being separated from everything that was common he discovered that God allowed this to happen for a reason. 

The Lord was calling Fountain out of deception and darkness to live in the truth and light of Holiness. Fountain realized that he was serving God under the influence of religion, tradition and commonality which empowered him to inherit misfortune but the Lord gave him clarity, understanding and great wisdom. This experience allowed him to see that "Becoming holy" is the difference between practicing Christian ethics and Christian character. Becoming holy has allowed him to live a joyful, purposeful, exciting and influential life. The Lord has placed him in a position to teach and nurture others on how to live a holy life, modeling Jesus internally and externally.
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Book Title - Becoming Holy
Genre - Religion, Spiritual, Inspirational/Non-fiction
Publish Date - 2/4/2013
Publisher - Xulon Press