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Be Ye Transformed For Effective Christian Living 

Enjoy Effective Christian Living By Understanding Romans 12:2

Be Ye Transformed by Bishop Sheldon D. Newton Will Transform Your Life God's Way!

Be Ye Transformed

"Be Ye Transformed" By Bishop Sheldon D. Newton 

Sheldon D. Newton shares answers to the many important questions Christian ask or have concerns about in his newest book, Be Ye Transformed.  Here are a few of the many questions: 

  • How can I learn to bring the flesh under subjection? 
  • Is it truly possible to know God intimately, and walk with Him daily? 
  • Can I really hear His Voice? 

This is a handbook on Effective Christian Living that is going to teach you how to walk with Jesus, one day at a time, while helping you to walk away from bad habits and those things which do not please God. 

Learn how to walk in the Spirit rather than fulfill the lusts of the flesh. Be Transformed God's way according to Romans 12:2!

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About The Author:

Be Ye Transformed By Sheldon D. Newton

Sheldon D. Newton is a Bible Teacher, seminar leader and prolific author who delivers the Word of God with clarity and understanding. His mission is to teach believers how to live in victory and in close communion with God. 

He is the Senior Pastor of Jesus Christ Centered Ministries International, located in Nassau, Bahamas. Bishop Newton has preached and taught the life transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over thirty years.

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Be Ye Transformed; How to Become the Victorious Being You were Created to Be...Be Ye Transformed 


Book Genre: Effective Christian Living


Be Ye Transformed Information

Product Details:

  • Paperback: 186 pages
  • Publisher: Zoe Life Publishing; 1st edition (October 3rd, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1938807332
  • ISBN-13: 978-1938807336

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