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Christian Book Promotion Without A Review

Book Promotion Without A Review

Learn Why I May Have The Right Audience For Your Book! 

It's not enough to place your book on a site and hope that it will get noticed.  You need a site that gets attention and that has an audience or visitors who are actively looking for the type of information you offer. I created this site to attract a specific audience. This enables me to get visitors for the books that I review and promote because they are looking for the genres offered. 

The promotion on this page does not include a review. However, it gives information about the book, the author and any video and links to purchasing and social media. Please see below.

Christian Money Bible Study Author Margaret Lukasik

Margaret Lukasik

Book Promotion Information Page Without A Review! 

If you've written a book, I'll be happy to promote it on my site. You'll receive the promotion form for your book once you order.  Please fill it out and return it so that I can quickly complete your page. 

Below I've given you the specifics of what my program offers so that you can know what you'll be getting when I promote your book on this site.  If you wish a more extensive package, I also offer a Christian Book Promotion and Review Program here.

What The Book Promotion Page Offers Your Book: 

The promotion page is constructed to be attractive to the eye, yet well organized to make it easy for the reader to view all important information about the book.  It is created with keywords that reflect the book title, with keywords used throughout the text for search engine optimization (SEO). The words on the page will also be written in a specific way to insure that it will get listed on the major search engines. 

I will also write a blog post for your book using the keyword from your book theme or genre. This will help you reach a larger audience, targeted to your book genre.

The Book Promotion Page also includes information about the book, the cover of the book, a bio, any book trailers, videos, interviews, etc. It will list other books that the author has written as well with an ad for each book (if appropriate). Social networking to announce your book is also included.

If you'd like me to promote your book I'll be happy to create a beautiful page to attract an audience that is interested in your book genre. 

Does Your Book Fit With My Site's Criteria?

Check the list at right to see if your book qualifies for my Book Promotion Program.

  • Go here for book promotion examples.

Book Promotion Without A Review Fee: $24.97

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Book Promotion and all associated materials and related studies are the complete work of the site's author, Margaret Lukasik, and cannot be copied by any means without her express written permission.

BOOK Criteria

Christian Book Promotion Programs

The theme for my website is Christian growth for scriptural healing. The purpose of victory through Christ is to teach Christians  new to the Word how to receive answered prayer and be firm in their believe for healing, spiritual growth and their needs met. 

I want the books on my site to get noticed, so I limit book genres to my site theme.  This insures that they receive the relevance needed to get targeted interest and traffic.   

Here is a list of book genres that are most compatible with my site theme:


  • Biblical healing
  • General health
  • Eating healthy 
  • Healthy living /exercise
  • Healing From Depression
  • Healing From Dependencies 


  • Biblical parenting 
  • Family Bible studies
  • Relationship difficulties 
  • Domestic Abuse 
  • Domestic violence 
  • Family health and healing


  • Centering upon God
  • God's will for Christians
  • Spiritual growth
  • Ministry
  • Ministry gifts
  • Christian Education
  • Communication Skills
  • Goal setting


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