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We Offer Two Christian Book Promotion Programs That Include The Purchase
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Book Promotion Programs

Books For Christian Growth and Healing

We enjoy sharing good books on our site that are relevant to our site theme. By promoting and reviewing books that our visitors are interested in reading we are able to provide a great service for Christian authors and new and unique Christian growth information to our readers. 

Why is it important that our Christian book promotion programs be relevant to our site theme?  

Not only do we have the audience for many Christian books, but Google, the major search engine, demands more than ever that the information on sites be as relevant as possible.  We follow strict Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rules on this site so that most of our pages are listed on Google and the other major search engines. 


Our Christian Book Promotion Programs Are More Than Listings 

We don’t just publish our Book Promotion pages on our site, we also index them so that they’re easy to find and because it actually gives each page better listings on the search engines. The easier it is to find a site’s pages on the search engines the more specific traffic they’ll attract.  

Your book needs an audience that is looking for the genre and information it offers.  So whenever any information about your book is on a site that follows good SEO, it has a greater opportunity to get a growing number of interested readers.    

This is the greatest benefit we have to offer authors who write books that reflect the book themes listed on our book promotion pages.  Practically all Christian genres fit with our site. 

To learn more about our three book promotion programs, use the links below.  


We Offer 2 Christian Book Promotion Programs With A Free Review and One Promotion Only Program: 

Christian Book Reviews and Promotion Information