Develop A Big Faith Attitude

You need a BIG FAITH ATTITUDE for times When You Have No Time!

Big Faith Attitude


We All Need A Big Faith Attitude!

I’ve been teaching on the subject of the Key of the Cross principle since 2007 to help Christians achieve a “Big Faith Attitude.”  I thought I would share a recent incident in my life to help others who face situations where they need great faith NOW, but they don’t feel worthy or able. 

What would you do if your doctor said to you, “I’m sorry, there’s nothing more that I can do!”  Or what if you were being attacked and you had no form of defense to help you?  There are many such scenarios where we need God to help us right now.  Many believe God helps us only if it’s His will.  Well, I want to preface my story with the Biblical truth that it’s always God’s will to give us what the Word promises.  We have safety, protection, healing, divine health, long life, soundness of mind, financial prosperity and so much more.   

Here’s a story from my life using the key of the cross principle that gave me the faith I needed in a time of danger when I had no defense.  On May 4 of this year (2016) which was only a few weeks ago from this writing, I was alone at home while my husband was on a two-week trip.  We were in a new neighborhood so I wasn’t familiar with anyone. 

The night before he was to arrive home, I was told by the inward witness (Holy Spirit) that someone was at the front door and wanted to break into our home.  It was a dark, stormy night with loud thunder and lightening so I couldn’t attribute any noise I was hearing to anything or anyone other than the storm.  I quickly left my office and rushed to the front door without my phone.  We have a large window on our door and a place where I could stand and watch without being seen.  I was shocked to see someone trying to break into our home. 

“I remember thinking, oh my goodness, it’s true!  Someone really ‘is’ trying to break in and now they’re trying to use a key!  It was surreal watching this person go from looking through the window, to juggling the door knob to putting a key in the lock and moving it back and forth.  I didn’t know what he would do after his key didn’t work and I didn’t want to find out!

I just let God lead me because I didn’t know what to do.  Without thought I moved forward toward the door, pounded on on it and told him to get out twice.  He ran away apologizing and screaming that it wasn’t what it looked like.  We all know nothing ever is with criminals.  Everyone else has the wrong idea about their motives.  But with God everything is right, safe, healthy, healed, financially sound, mentally sound and whatever we need our situation to be!  I felt so safe after the incident I didn’t think to call the police, but eventually I did and they parked outside my home until early morning and kept a vigil over our neighborhood even though that horrible storm continued.

I needed BIG FAITH NOW because I had no defense.  I had refused to consider any weapons for safety.   I hate weapons so I wanted to use faith alone, but it left me to depend upon the LORD 100% when I could have used a weapon my husband all but begged me to consider while I was alone.  God came through for me, even with my limited thinking at that time.  God used my hand and my voice to instill authority over this person to make him run from me.  We have authority in Christ, but without knowing what that means exactly, it’s not always possible for a person new to faith understand how to use the verse:     

James 4:7 (NASB)  Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

We can flee from the devil by thinking God’s thoughts of faith over the fear Satan tries to put upon us.  That man fled from me with his tail between his legs!  It was Satan who had influenced Him to do harm to others.  Satan has to flee from us when we submit to God and His guidance.  

The way we make Christ’s authority come alive in our lives is by overriding the fear that comes upon us which is not of God, but instead looking to our salvation rights that we have in Jesus.  We can rest in Jesus while we trust that God will save us, heal us, provide for us, or do whatever His Word promises as we look to the cross.  I won’t deny that I felt shaky that night when I first viewed a stranger at our door, but the the Holy Spirit steadied me to relax and think God thoughts.  God uses the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ Name to guide and help us.  The Holy Spirit is the part of the Trinity who is sent to comfort and steady us with the Word.   

John 14:26 (ASV)  26 But the Comforter, even the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said unto you.


Resting In Christ Creates The BIG FAITH ATTITUDE

The scriptural principle of the Key Of The Cross teaches how to rest in Christ while you trust God for whatever you need.  God will bless you NOW, no matter how limited your thinking might be or how little your faith is at the moment.  Even when a person has great faith daily, there can come a time when their faith can falter when they encounter a new situation that breaks them down to a place of little or no faith.  

But if we learn how to daily look to the cross of Jesus Christ in a way that will ready us and steady us in any situation no matter where we are in our understanding of God’s Word, we can have a BIG FAITH ATTITUDE to get us through even those times that catch us off guard and we have little or no time to react! 

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