Biblical Meditation For Scriptural Healing

“The Biblical Path To Wellness” By Kaysha Sahai


Biblical Meditation
Biblical Meditation

I’m thankful to share a very unique book I believe will be helpful to many as well as the readers of this site. This is why I wanted to share it here where many come to learn more about scriptural healing.

It’s one thing to study the subject of Biblical healing, but it’s more profound to one’s own healing experience to read about another person’s journey with God to receive His peace through the process of healing.

The title of the book is “The Biblical Path To Wellness” and it’s written by Kaysha Sahai. Her writing makes her love of God and the Word clear as well as her acknowledgement from the beginning of the book that we all have a life purpose in Christ to fulfill.

At age 19, when Kaysha was just beginning her life as a young woman, she began to notice signs of Alopecia Areata. The progression of how she deals with this disease that can disappear just as quickly as it appears is a true lesson in Christian faith and love.

I will be writing my review soon and will post it here. In the meantime, Kaysha has a great site. You can visit it here to read her blog posts and to order her books.


About Kaysha Sahai and Her Biblical Meditation Experience

Kaysha Sahai is both a Biblical Health Coach and trained Meditation teacher. She found great comfort and inner healing after she began meditating on God’s word and applying it to different areas of her life. Her love and reverence for the word of God, lifelong fascination with the mind-body-spirit connection, and her struggle with Alopecia were the inspiration behind her written testimony and interactive memoir, “The Biblical Path to Wellness: One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance, Healing and Purpose through Meditating on the Word of God.”