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Biblical Healing

Biblical healing by faith for body, mind and soul belongs to you and every believer. It’s the main theme of this site and a subject that I’ve been involved with since a small child.  My father taught me about faith for healing since I can remember, so Biblical healing is a subject I’ve always wanted to share with others.  What I found was that many people become angered over the subject, including my own mother.  I later learned this was reason my father taught me about it in secret. 

Scriptural or Biblical healing is a subject that I wanted everyone to desire, but we can’t force on others what we desire for ourselves and even what God desires for us.  So I decided to make the information I’ve learned over the years available on this site for those who desire to experience the fullness of God’s greatest blessings, including scriptural healing.

I’ve received divine healing for so many ills I can’t remember them all, but I do especially recall those which kept me from living a full life in peace and joy. I was healed from the beginning stages of cancer, asthma, arthritis, and a variety of other health problems when I was much younger. But the most dramatic healing I received was from childhood abuse.  For many years I thought I was a whole and functioning person, but as I continued in the Word, I came to see that I needed healing for the soul as well as the body.  It explained why the Word of God wasn’t as effective as it could be because I was blocking it from taking root in my life by living in the past. 

I found that I suffered from the effects of physical, mental and emotional abuse and that I had to take responsibility for the damage done to me.  I was married and had children and didn’t always function to the best of my ability.  But for a time, I just assumed the rest of the world was the problem. It was God’s Word that not only helped me identify my problems, but it helped me to realize the source of my problems so that I could receive Biblical healing.

Today I’m in great mental, physical and emotional health through Jesus Christ and I am thankful for it everyday.  I desire to help others receive whatever healing needed so they can experience a deeper relationship with God.  Without good physical, mental and emotional health, it’s not possible to go forward with God in the most fulfilling capacity.


More About Biblical Healing By Faith

Biblical Healing


I’m very thankful to God for the medical profession who is there to bring healing for our bodies and our minds, but what if they can’t help us?  I believe in using doctors even when trusting God by faith because it can be dangerous to stop taking medicine or taking their advice on a medical issue.  But there may come a time where we need to go deeper with God. 

What if for example, you’re told that you need to go on medication for a physiological disorder and you’ll need to see a psychiatrist for the rest of your life which will cost you $200 or more an hour and you have no insurance or the funds to pay the cost?  Who wants to live on medications that cause side affects and other health problems forever?  I have family members that have been on medications but have also successfully trusted God to receive healing and get off medication.  I also have a relative that is in the faith process of doing this now. 

If you truly desire a life free of physical health problems, mental and emotional illnesses, including emotional “highs” and “lows,” general depression, grief depression, addictions and whatever health or mental problems are keeping you in bondage and separated from God, you need to begin applying God’s Word to your physical, mental and emotional circumstances today.

And remember, this doesn’t mean that you must stop taking your insulin, cut the cast off your leg, or push yourself out of your wheelchair to begin walking. No! No! No!  What it means is that you’re going to begin right now looking to God for healing and then use your faith in God through your doctor’s care to receive a complete scriptural healing in Christ. 

I wrote the Bible Study, Take The Path To Victorious Christian Living to help accelerate the process of faith for receiving anything from God, especially healing. Take a look at what it offers by clicking the image below.



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