Bible Prayer Study Course by Kenneth E. Hagin

It’s Time To Pray and Receive!


Kenneth Hagin
Bible Prayer Study Course.

About The Author

Rev. Kenneth Hagin died in 2oo3, but his legacy carries on through his family.  He was a gentle man who was great in faith and his obedience to God and the Word.  He was known as the “father of the modern faith movement.” He served in ministry for almost seventy years until his death.  His strong faith was developed as a boy when he received healing from an incurable blood disease and a deformed heart in 1933 by reading his Bible and trusting God by faith that He was healed.  He discovered God’s Word for healing on His own as He was led by God.


Spreading God’s Love

Rev. Hagin preached that faith works by Biblical love.  He spent most of his life teaching the Biblical faith and prayer principles centering upon walking in God’s love for others.  He taught on many subjects that have to do with having success over life issues.  His books and DVDs are sold all over the world.  His ministry continues through His son Kenneth W. Hagin and his wife Loretta and their son Craig Hagin.


Bible Prayer Study Course

Spiritual Healing
Bible Prayer Study Course

Kenneth Hagin’s Bible Prayer Study Course goes hand in hand with the  Bible Faith Study Course.  I’ll be giving a review of that book shortly.  Both courses are to be used as a study and then a reference for daily use and practice of developing great faith for answered prayer.  When applied to every day issues they guide the Christian into developing mountain moving faith.  I’m never done reading this course.  I’ve had the Bible Prayer Study Course for many years.  It’s been a great reference for the many types of Biblical prayer.  I believe the book is priceless.

It helped me understand how to have answered prayer because it teaches the different forms of prayer and how to use each.  It was from this information and my personal application that I based my own book on faith and prayer from a layman’s point of view rather than from a pastor’s experience.

The Bible Prayer Study Course includes much information about intercessory prayer, which is the prayer used for the salvation of others.  One can also use it to pray for another person’s needs such as healing.  If you’re having problems with your prayer life, this course will change your relationship with God and the way you understand Him and the Bible.  You will also learn how to center upon God in order to remain Christ centered and know how to live your life purpose.

This is also a great course for Bible Students, especially those who have a background from denominational churches.  I came from such a background and was told that we can’t always count on God answering our prayers.  Hearing this message for years can keep someone from moving forward with God.   This is a “must-have” book for your faith library!